Why I stick with Totobobo mask?

I have been using totobobo since 2014! Here in Qatar the weather can be extremely hot, so a lot of other masks are useless.

Why Totobobo mask

“I have been using totobobo for years now. I think I first purchased it in 2014! Here in Qatar the weather can be extremely hot, so a lot of other masks are useless.

Generally, the difference what makes totobobo better than other is the silicone material. It doesn’t get soaking wet with sweat and ambient humidity. I can just clear the excess water from inside by wiping it clean at red lights. Also, the seal around a freshly shaved face is exceptional.
I used neoprene mask with activated charcoal filter and different FFP2 and 3 masks from 3M but Totobobo turned out to be the most convenient.”
– Tamas Bodri, from Qatar

Totobobo for air travel

Have you ever wondered why colds and flu seems more prevalent after flying than usual? Totobobo Mask can help!

Frequent flyers, have you ever wondered why it seems easier to catch a cold or flu after flying? Totobobo Mask can help!

Little personal Air space in a fully booked flight.

What is Airplane Cold?

Have you ever wondered why colds and flu seem more prevalent after flying than usual?

A well-designed survey (*1) discovered that 1 out of 5 airline passengers have reported that they were developing symptoms of cold or flu within 5-7 days after the flight. This is 5-113 times more than the typical transmission rate at ground level! (depending on how it is measured)

The Journal Of Environmental Health Research Study (*2) examines potential causes of transmission within the cabin, for example, Enclosed spaces, Concentrated levels of pathogens, Proximity between passengers, etc. But none of these factors is as significant as the weakening of the immune system due to extremely low cabin humidity.

During my earlier career, I used to travel a lot for work. There were times when I was sick for 1-2 days after flying… headache, weakness, fatigue, nausea and other symptoms of a cold. It turns out that this is not unusual. It is a well-known phenomenon call Airplane Cold or post-flight sickness.

“The natural human defence system against colds is known as the Mucocilliary Clearance System, which consists of a layer of thin mucus that is kept in motion by beating cilia. This protective system traps viruses and bacteria and moves them from the nose and throat to destruction by acids in the stomach. However, when the air is dry, the mucus becomes too thick to be effectively moved by the cilia. This leaves more viruses and bacteria to cause upper respiratory tract infections. The typical relative humidity in aircraft cabins for flights over an hour is below 10% for most of the journey, often dropping to less than 5% on longer flights. It has been shown experimentally, using saccharin, that under these conditions the Mucociliary Clearance System either slows dramatically or stops. This would suggest that it is the low relative humidity in aircraft cabins that increases susceptibility to colds rather than a higher viral load in the air.”

Most commercial airlines fly in an elevation range of 30,000 to 35,000 feet, where humidity typically runs at 10 percent or lower. At very low levels of humidity, the “natural defence system” of mucus in our noses and throats dries up and is crippled, creating a much more favourable environment for bacteria and germs to infect us.

From dry winter to the dry cabin

The dry air problem reminds me of my experience with the Totobobo mask during a dry winter in Beijing several years ago. The air was so dry and cold that I have to keep the mask on for most of the time, not only for air pollution but mostly to regulate the moisture level in my breathing. That experience inspired me to try wearing the mask on my flight back, it was a pleasant surprise. I no longer needed to drink a lot of water (and lesser toilet visits), I felt a lot more comfortable during the flight and no longer have that familiar throat irritation after sleep. No more flu-like symptoms afterwards!

Since then Totobobo mask becomes part of my flying kit and I also recommended to my friends.

Other useful tips

Apart from keeping the mask on, try not to use your hand to touch your eyes, nose or mouth. The tray, armrest and the back pocket are hotbeds for bacteria and viruses. Drink more water to keep your body hydrated. Avoid alcohol and coffee too. If you have nasal congestion, you can take sips of water, chewing gum, forcing yourself to yawn to relieve ear pressure. For long haul flights, get up and stretch your body every few hours. Rest well and get some sleep.


*1 Zitter J (2002) Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Among Airline Passengers. Journal of the American Medical Association 288 (23), 2972-2973.
*2 Common cold transmission in commercial aircraft: Industry and passenger implications

What Causes Airplane Colds: Low Cabin Humidity

disruption to a person’s circadian rhythm can compromise their immune system

Victor flying with Totobobo mask

Totobobo mask may be part of my standard equipment when I travel in those dry environment. It is less about bacteria but more about regulating the moisture.

Testing Totobobo mask on flight. Victor Law, Head of Finance, CFP Finance LTD, Foshan, PRC.

Victor is my good friend for more than 30 years. He is currently the Head of Finance from a PRC Finance Company and frequently flying within and outside of China. During a recent visit I introduced Totobobo mask for air travellers to him. Below is what he said after trying it during his trip from Singapore back to China, including flying and a coach ride.
“I enjoy breathing with moisture and feel isolated from the dirt in the coach compartment.
The mask fits my face very well and I can breath without any difficulty. I never liked to wear a mask before, because it was either suffocating or useless. Now I know there is an exception.
I feel the Totobobo mask can be part of my standard equipment when I travel, especially in dry environment. It is not just for keeping out hygienic bacteria but also for regulating the moisture, breathing warm air with suitable humidity. It protects my lips as well.”

Another Totobobo on plane example

Get the mask before the next trip!.

First impression of PRO filter

Cycling with PRO filter and SuperCool mask
Ross cycling commute in Los Angeles, California wearing SuperCool mask with PRO filter.

Long time user and Biking attorney,Ross, sent in his first impression about the PRO filter with his customised SuperCool mask:
(Thanks to Ross for permission to share)

Took the PRO filter on its initial bike ride this morning. Very impressed! The new SuperCool mask fit great right out of the box, and breathing with the new PRO filter was great, too. It’s not in any way heavy or restrictive to breathe through. Of course there was a slight resistance, but I actually found that reassuring to know that air was, in fact, going through the filter medium. Just a note to say thanks, and nice job!

I’ll do a more detailed user experience review –and of course send some updated pictures of me wearing it on my commute through downtown Los Angeles, California.

Thanks again,

Ross is using SuperCool mask since 2010.

Totobobo mask, mould scrubbing, wheezing and asthma

Dr. Anil sharing his authentic and creativity application of Totobobo mask, mould scrubbing in bathroom.

This is not the prettiest picture but we absolutely love it! It is as authentic as it’s creativity. It capture a scene of Totobobo mask in action, for something you may not normally associate with- mould scrubbing in bathroom.
Dr. Anil, who has asthma since young send us this picture and kindly allow us to publish his letter.


Dear Francis,

I had a classic case of not using my Totobobo mask over the weekend when cleaning and started developing asthma symptoms. I thought I would share my experience with yourself.

I had to clean our bathroom because mould was developing on the walls. Yuck! I decided to use very mild bleach solution to scrub the bathroom to remove the mould. I started this process without a mask and unfortunately within about half an hour started developing some wheezing symptoms. I suppose it was the mould causing this since ventilation was good.

Then I started to don the mask and things started to improve within the next half an hour. I know I look like a bit of a clown in the picture but that’s life. You never know what different situations where your mask will be useful. This is why I always carry one in my coat pocket wherever I go!

I’m sorry the picture is not good but the lighting isn’t great.



Totobobo PRO, the best filter for running

Totobobo PRO is best for running. Lightweight and above 99% filtration efficiency with very low air resistance.
New Totobobo PRO filter is five times larger but it adds only 6 grams to the mask. A slight weight increases for a significant gain in filter power!

Totobobo PRO, the best filter for running

In Totobobo, user’s feedback keep inspiring us to improve. This time we turn our attention at runners.
Running is a physically demanding activity. Training in high level of air pollution can damage the lungs and increase the chances of heart attack and stroke. Running athletes breathe in extra large volume of air and therefore it is necessary to increase the effective filter area in order to capture the large amount of pollutants passing through. However simply increasing the filter and the filter carrier is not an acceptable solution. An early prototype indicates that the weight of the mask will be at least doubled (48 grams). Since we take pride being the lightest reusable mask in the market, doubling the weight is definitely not acceptable.

But how can we increase the filter area without adding weight substantially?

Let’s look at the final result first.

Pro filter is much larger than the old filters
Weight comparison: Totobobo mask (20g) vs PRO mask (26.7g) vs prototype mask (49g)

Miraculously the new Totobobo filter called PRO-filter, is five times larger but it adds only 6.7 grams to the mask. More specifically from 20.1 grams to 26.7 grams, an acceptable small increases for a significant gain in filter power!

The secret is in the patent pending PRO-frame

The secret is in the new, patent pending, PRO frame construction. The PRO frame sits entirely inside and the PRO filter wraps around the frame. Now the effective filtering area is not only the top surface, but also the sides and the bottom. We had the assembled filters tested in certified laboratory. The result was exciting – above 99% filtration efficiency for both salt (dry) and oil particles, with very low air resistance.

PRO mask vs standard Totobobo mask

While developing product improvements we are careful to minimize the environmental impact as well as protecting our loyal user’s investment in Totobobo products. Previously users can keep using the same filters (F96, F94 F92) during the last two upgrades of mask body. This time existing Totobobo mask (since 2014 version) users will be happy to know that they can upgrade to PRO by simply changing out the old filter.

This means you can keep running, enjoy using your very own customised Totobobo mask, while sizing up your protection against air pollution even in the most demanding days.

Furthermore, this upgrade is reversible, you can switch back to old filters during the less demanding days. Don’t throw away the old filter covers and the small rubber rings, they will be useful when you want to change back.

Totobobo Mask Pro-filter upgrade from totobobo on Vimeo.

Totobobo PRO, the best filter for running

Dr. Anil: Totobobo against hayfever

Totobobo is effective in blocking out pollen and this improves my hayfever symptoms    -Dr. Anil U.K.

Are you suffering from hayfever, especially during the summer period?  Dr. Anil (London, U.K.), a loyal user of Totobobo mask since 2013, he just sent in the following recommendation for hayfever sufferers:

During the summer months from June to August I quite often suffer from hayfever. This is due to the pollen in the air from grasses or ragweed. I find it effective in blocking out pollen and this improves my hayfever symptoms (runny nose, itchy nose etc). The good thing with the masks is they are washable so you can wash it regularly (like every two days) to get the pollen off the mask.

Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Signs and symptoms include a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, red, itchy, and watery eyes, and swelling around the eyes.

Muhamadian using Totobobo mask in Jakarta

Muhamadian using Totobobo mask to cut down air pollution in Jakarta traffic

I have been commuting to work for almost about 10 years now and as you might be aware that Jakarta’s traffic is one of the heaviest in the world and consequently the pollution. Therefore wearing a mask is a necessity , I have tried not wearing one for a few days and  got very heavy cough emanating from my chest/lung.

I have tried a few masks but the main problem with most of them is the fact that I find it hard to breathe until I found Totobobo and I never looked back. Totobobo might not look sturdy but looks can deceiving, if you use it properly the mask last for a long time. I like the design of the small/petit mask so I am hoping Totobobo produce the same design for the large one in the future.

Daniel using Totobobo Mask in Bangkok

Daniel using Totobobo mask in Bangkok, Thailand

Having been in Bangkok now for several years, I felt the need for some protection shortly after arriving. The street level pollution is quite bad particularly in the city center with the traffic jams and exhaust from cars and decrepit buses, motorbikes and tuk tuks in particular. I’ve noticed more Thais wearing the cheap masks since I first arrived. In this sense the Totobobo mask is a godsend. My observations are that the condensation builds quickly given the hot weather here, however, for my purposes I don’t wear the mask for extended periods (to and from work, short motorbike taxi rides or walks), but if the mask was in the form a mesh system with an insertable filter, that would be worth looking into for future versions. Also the straps are a sore point, I find they snap in my experience and I end up retying them. But all in all, I really can’t complain as my lungs are most grateful. Big thanks to Carrie for being a great supplier!

Using Totobobo SuperCool mask in Hanoi, Vietnam

Doug Snyder from Hanoi, Vietnam
Doug Snyder from Hanoi, Vietnam using Totobobo mask, the SuperCool version

I have been using Totobobo masks for 4 years now while living in Hanoi, Vietnam. The air pollution on the roads and in the winter is quite bad here, but Totobobo masks work great to cut down my exposure while riding my motorbike around the city and on longer trips. I prefer the “supercool” style of Totobobo mask because it really is cooler in the summer. Also, I have a big nose which can be tricky to get a good fit with any mask, but I don’t have to worry about that at all with the SuperCool design.  I also am an environmental consultant, so I pay careful attention to environmental health related problems and solutions. I researched many masks, but still feel Totobobo is the best mask I can get.

Thanks Totobobo!

Doug Snyder

Hanoi, Vietnam