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Goska Romanowicz and Hervé Bonnaveira, eco cyclists, from France to China

Goska Romanowicz and Hervé Bonnaveira, eco cyclists, from France to China

Used filters from India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos

“The TOTOBOBO masks came in very useful in India! We’ve tested the masks in Delhi, the Indian countryside and Calcutta. The masks were comfortable for an hour or two, when we used them longer periods of cycling they were ok but started to get wet inside (especially that it was very hot here) and became less comfortable. But that’s still preferable to breathing the air of Calcutta or most other Indian cities.”

“Attached a photo of the filters after 6 hours’ use in Delhi, Calcutta, the Indian countryside and Bangkok. The countryside one was especially shocking – even far from cities and factories the air is very polluted.”

Hervé Bonnaveira, eco cyclists, from France to China

Goska and Hervé cycled across Asia from France on a year long eco-cycling trip in 2008

Kenneth Koh, Advanturenomad, Singapore

Kenneth Koh, travel/ adventure writer and photographer, a former airline pilot.

Used filter after 28 hours of cycling in Vietnam.

Photo courtesy of Advanturenomad

“I had a chance to use the Totobobo mask during my recent bicycle tour of Vietnam. Weighing just 20g, the mask is both lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack. It is made of soft plastic and doesn’t absorb sweat or moisture and is easy to keep clean. The soft plastic conformed well to the shape of my face, creating a good seal that is needed for the mask to be effective. Once in place, it is also very comfortable, and breathing resistance is very low. The replaceable filters are electro-static charged and filters out very fine particles (0.3 micron or even smaller).”


OilcanRacer said in his blog: OilcanRacer cyclist
I have been using my totobobo mask lately. it rocks. i use the densest filter and it a little hard to breath thru on really steep hills or exertions. kinda like your 5,000 feet higher than you are. but the fact that you are breathing completely clean air makes it better. its one of the only masks that does that. it screens out every kind of pollutant and germs/bacterias. My lungs feel great and no wheezing like i would if i was breathing all that yukky smog and car exhaust. you have to make sure you get the straps just right. one going up high and one low to keep it in place as your breathing gets going.

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Ross, Lawyer and Cyclist advocate. Los Angeles, California, USA

SuperCool Totobobo mask in traffic

Ross cycling with Totobobo SuperCool mask in traffic

The SuperCool mask is great–hands down. I don’t work for Totobobo–nor am I paid to say this, and I’ve been using this mask for a few months now. I breathe in through my mouth, which is in the mask/filter, and out through my nose.
When I need to talk to other cyclists, I simply pull the mask down around my chin, then pull it back up when I ride on. The straps are very stretchy.
Since I am no longer exhaling into the mask, the fogging glasses issue has completely disappeared. Actually, I think I get a better seal with this smaller mask than I did the full one. And I find there is much less condensation collecting in the mask (no humid exhale within the mask), which means I do not need to wash the mask as often.

Big props to the company–who has seemed to design a great, simple product–and whose customer service has been very responsive and helpful. When I change out the filters they are visibly discolored–and I’m glad that at least some of that stuff that I otherwise would be breathing (dirt, pollution, particulate matter, brake shoe dust, etc.) is in the filter instead of in my lungs.

Oshri Feldman, Bangkok, Thailand
I appreciate having more of my face and my nose out of the mask when I ride around Bangkok in the heat.
My wife tried to create her own earloop on her original mask and she likes the new model. The only suggestion she would make for the earloop mask is to have a mechanism to adjust the length of the string and hold it better in place. The only suggestion she would make for the earloop mask is to have a mechanism to adjust the length of the string and hold it better in place. We also like the little blue bags to carry our masks when we’re not wearing them.

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    • The 94 and 96 filters do not filter out CO. However, “the short-term health effects of air pollution on the cardiovascular system have been studied intensively in the past decade. Particulate matter is considered to be of primary concern(20,21) ” – Exposure to Traffic and the Onset of Myocardial Infarction, The New England Journal of Medicine, October 21, 204 issue.

  5. My girlfriend Sarah and I have been using and very much enjoying the anti-pollution Totobobo masks in New Delhi – India. I want to say thanks… The radio taxis here have gone wacko and so we are spending a lot more time in rickshaws. I used to have a very bad cough and had to take allergy medicine but it seems to have resolved itself! no more medicine – no more coughs. Its a bit hot under the mask in 47 degree heat… but beast sucking on a truck tailpipe 🙂

  6. Larry,

    I have been riding since kindergarten. At 52, I would not say I am a “new rider,” but your advice about moving the right hand off the hood to “the center of the handlebar near the stem” and then dropping the left hand when looking back is a new thought (but, then again, maybe that’s because most of my riding in the last 20 years has been on a mountain bike – who needs to look back on a trail?). Thanks for the welcome tip to fine tune riding habits!

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