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Health, everyone knows that health is important, without a good health, we are prone to contracting viruses and falling sick easily. In order to have a good health, you must first know about what will prevent you from having a healthy body. One of the affecting factors, is air pollution. The air that we breathe in, contains oxygen, a gas that enters our lungs in order for the body to function, without oxygen, the blood that our heart pumps around will be of no use. Since oxygen enters our bloodstream, imagine if there are other dirty particles entering our bloodstream together? Yes, that’s what happens when you breathe in air that is polluted with pollutants (Eg. 0.1microns, PM2.5). Air pollution causes us to fall ill, it will even trigger people who are diagnosed with asthma since young. 

Below are posts and studies that can educate you more on air pollution, it’s harmful effects and how to protect yourself from it:

Air Pollution VS Asthma:


Air Pollution and its origin:


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WHO’s (World Health Organisation) take on air pollution, click here to read more on their official page and importance of air pollution.