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FAQ Mask

Properties of TOTOBOBO mask

How long does the anti-virus agent last?
The TOTOBOBO anti-virus agent lasts for the entire product lifetime.

Is the anti-virus property affected by washing or disinfection?
The anti-virus agent is embedded in the mask body, it will not be washed off or rubbed off from the mask.

What is the weight of the TOTOBOBO mask?
The complete assembly of the TOTOBOBO mask including the filter and the strap is 20g, by far the lightest reusable respirator in the market.

Does the mask interfere with spectacles?
TOTOBOBO mask does not interfere with spectacles (glasses), because it is very thin and lightweight which can follow the nose profile closely.

What is the largest (and smallest) face size that TOTOBOBO can fit?
TOTOBOBO mask can fit most adults right out of the package. It can also be trimmed to fit smaller faces such as those of children and the Asian female. The face-length (distance from eye-level to chin bottom) it can fit is from 83mm to 128mm.

Will the mask fit my face?
TOTOBOBO mask is made of very flexible material, together with the ergonomic nose profile design, it can adapt to many adult faces without modification. If it doesn’t fit your face, you can “ReShape” the mask to optimize the seal.

How do I ensure the mask fits my face and forms a good seal?

  1. Easy seal check
    You can check the seal through the transparent mask easily. To enhance the seal check, apply a bit of water on the face, and then wear the mask. The area will become more transparent where the mask touches the wet skin. This simple method helps to visualize the seal and to identify where is the leak.
  2. ReShape (heat molding)
    If step (1) identified an area of leak, you can use hot (70C maximum) and cold water to quickly ReShape the mask to minimize the leak.

How do I know if the strap (loop) is the correct tension?
For optimal comfort, the strap can be adjusted to provide sufficient tension to hold the mask on your face, yet soft enough to allow exhaled air to be released between the edge of the mask and the face.

For optimal safety (e.g. hospital), the strap should be tightened such that the mask maintains a good seal regardless of inhale or exhale.

Reuse of the mask

How many times can I reuse the mask?
Many users reported they have been using their Totobobo mask for 2 years or longer on a regular basis. This easily translates to 600 times of uses. If the mask is well maintained, some few users reported using the same mask for 5 years+.

Do I need to clean or disinfect the mask for reuse?
For protection against non-contagious pollution, such as traffic pollution, dust or fine particles, there is no need to disinfect the mask every time. TOTOBOBO mask contains Silver ion, an anti-virus agent. This active agent limits the growth and slowly kills the bacteria or viruses chance on its surface. For most non-contagious situations, it is safe to reuse the mask after 24 hours of leaving it in a clean environment. However in a situation that the mask may be contaminated with contagious viruses or bacteria, or when using it in critical areas in a clinic, it is necessary to disinfect the mask before it can be reused.

How can I clean/ disinfect the mask?
The mask can be disinfected by washing it with soap and rinse with water, (like washing your hands). It can also be disinfected with alcohol wipes.
Furthermore, when a replacement filter is difficult to get, the filters can be disinfected with UV-C light to extend its useful life.