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How to clean, disinfect the mask?

Any face mask is bound to get dirty after a period of usage. Totobobo Mask has been praised by many users that the mask is super easy to clean.

The mask can be clean and disinfect with soap and water,  70% alcohol, diluted bleach or the latest UV-C light.

UV-C light

The easiest of all, the mask and filters can be disinfected under UV-C exposure. UV-C devices are growing in popularity following the COVID-19 spread. Follow the instruction of your device for the duration. One of the concerns is UV light may damage the filter structure or the electrostatic charges. For that reason, we did a 5-hours, high-intensity UV exposure test. The test results show there is no detectable impact on the filtration efficient on all the filters tested (F94, F96 and Pro99)

Alcohol (70% diluted)

For daily cleaning, wipe the mask with 70% alcohol. Do not touch the filter when you clean the mask body.

When it is time to change filters, wash the whole mask with soap and water after removing the filters.

Soap and water, or bleach and water

Below is a step by step instruction on how you can wash and clean the masks. Do make sure to wash your hands before you start the process.

1: Unlock the filter caps and remove the filters, then remove the filter caps from the mask body itself.

2: Apply soap thoroughly on the inside and the outside of the mask. (or dip the mask in diluted bleach)

3: Rinse the mask with under the tap thoroughly.

4: Let it dry in a clean area. If you are in a rush, you can dry it with a clean tissue paper/kitchen towel as well.

5: Install back the filter caps, replace the old filters with a pair of new ones, lock the filter caps, you are good to go again!

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