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Bangkok cyclist’s answer to PM2.5 and COVID-19

Sahathatna Chanprung capture these during his bike-to-work rides in Bangkok

By: Sahathatna Chanprung, Bangkok

Dear Totobob Team,

I want to give you my personal experience and feedback after three and a half years of using the Totobobo mask for cycling. Before Totobobo, I had been cycling in Bangkok for more than four years without any protection because I didn’t realize what kind of damage PM2.5 can do to health. At first, I only used buff to filter out dust since Thailand’s pollution mask is not well known! Later after the air pollution situation in Bangkok escalated, and that raised my awareness about PM2.5. Although I began to wear a pollution mask, most of them were uncomfortable and did not fit my face. I ride 40 km each day and sweat a lot (most masks got all wet and became unbreathable).

After I tried the Totobobo mask, I was delighted with the fit and comfort (both the standard and the nose-clip versions). It is the answer for safe breathing in today’s urban space. It has protected me from PM2.5 as well as COVID-19. I’m able to maintain good riding performance. With the Totobobo mask on, I can keep cycling at 30+km/hr; this is not possible with other masks.

Let’s follow Sahathatna on his B2W video:

I saw your deal on Kickstarter and would like to say that you did an excellent job for the mask that supports people wearing glasses!

The thing that I would like Totobobo to take into consideration:
– please improve the strap. I wear your mask and strap it to my head in the back. the material is soft already, but it would be better if it were a bit wider.
– mask colour option. I know that Totobobo stands for clean and transparent, but it would be nice to have different colours. 
– finally, would be nice if the Thailand dealer would have more filter options in stock here.

Left: the daily cycling route (40 km each way) Top-right: Cycling in Bangkok Bottom right: ECO filter after two weeks of uses.
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