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Boys from Hong Kong wearing Totobobo mask

Thanks to @Evelyn Liu from Hong Kong for sharing this lovely photo of her kids.

Her family has been using the Totobobo mask for a couple of years. The boys prefer the Totobobo mask over a surgical mask because they said: “Totobobo is more comfortable”. Thanks to the 3D structure, it keeps the filters away from the mouth and they don’t have to “lick” the filters while talking or breathing hard. In addition, they feel the Totobobo mask is easier for breathing as well, thanks to the high-efficient filters.

“The disposable surgical mask gets in their mouths when they talk sometimes, or if they’re touching their lips they will poke them with their lips trying to get it away from their mouth…Or when they’re talking, most kids just….. Have a lot of spit hahaha!” — Evelyn Liu explains problems with a surgical mask.

The Biocote Silver-ion embedded in the mask provides lifetime anti-virus property. That means the mask is safe to reuse even without cleaning. However, the grease from our sweat can degrade the mask over time. Therefore it is important to give it a quick wipe-down after use. Wash the mask with soap and water when changing the filters. With good care and regular cleaning, the mask will provide faithful service for years. Just change the filters and refresh the performance from time to time.

Get Totobobo mask here: https://www.totobobomask.com/

More features of Totobobo mask: http://totobobo.com/blog/features/

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