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Demo & instruction of use

Shaping the mask

Warning: The mask can be permanently damaged if the water temperature is higher than 85C. Use 70~80C hot water to shape the mask.

The Totobobo mask is usually delivered in flat pack condition, please follow the video below to shape the mask. You may Re-shape the mask many times to optimize the shape. The mask will provide a good seal with minimum stress when the shape of the mask is matching your face.

Install and adjust the earloop (compulsory step)

The tension of the ear-loop strap is very important, so adjust it so that it provide just enough tension and remains comfortable.

Check the seal (Watermark seal check : Patented method)

The frost edge of Totobobo mask will turn to transparent when it touches water. This transparent area is call the watermark. You can use the watermark to check if the mask is making a good seal on the user’s face.

Follow these steps to perform a watermark seal check

  1. apply some water on the face
  2. check the watermark after putting on the mask. The frost edge changes to transparent where the seal is.
  3. a good seal is achieved if the watermark “encircles” the nose and mouth. The mask can be used.
  4. The seal is not completed if there is a leak along the watermark. Try shifting the mask up and down, and then check again.
  5. If there is still leak, try ReShape the mask with heat (70~80C hot water)
    Note: to obtain 70-80C water, mix 3 parts 100C with 1 part room temperature water.


Step 4, Trim the mask (only if it is really needed)

A unique advantage of Totobobo mask is the possibility to trim the mask to suit smaller faces. From experience, children from 5 years old should be able to get a good fit. Totobobo mask may also fit younger children below 5 years old, which depends on individual face size and shape. The youngest kid we have been able to get a good fit is 2.5 years old!

Steps to trim the mask:

  1. Try cutting the “paper mask” to get a size matching the user’s face.
  2. “Paper mask” can be printed many times, therefore very suitable for the experiment.
  3. Cut the Totobobo mask, using the cut paper mask as a template
  4. Put on the mask, check if the size is OK
  5. Perform Water Seal check
  6. If necessary, ReShape the mask to improve the seal
  7. If necessary, cut the mask again.

Download the template for Totobobo masks (large and small size)

How to trim Totobobo mask to fit smaller faces?

How to upgrade to PRO99 Filter?
Video showing how to upgrade Totobobo mask with PRO99 filter. This upgrade is reversible, you can switch back to old filters during the less demanding days. Don’t throw away the old filter covers and the small rubber rings, they will be useful when you want to change back.

More details about the PRO99 filter.