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The mask for cycling

Having sports in life is an important routine for us. It is a way to relieve our stress and also build up a physically fit body to shield ourselves from sickness. However, in days with bad air pollution, it is contradicting to be exercising to keep fit, while breathing in air that is polluted. There is a solution, and that is to wear an air filter mask while taking yourself through your exercises. One of the most beneficial ways to exercise is to cycle! 


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Cycling, a very common sport that many of us take part in, be it competitive, recreational, commuting or simply just for leisure, many of us take part in this activity. While cycling, our breathing accelerates over time, making us take in huge breaths of air. If the air is dirty and polluted, you can pretty much guess where it’s going to take you. Small amount of polluted air won’t do much harm, but if you are doing this everyday, it will cause your lungs to have many problems as you age.

Here we have feedbacks from our users who have used the Totobobo Mask while Cycling.

“Whatever is on the filters, glad that stuff is not in my lungs!”
John from London, U.K.

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“Long time user and Biking attorney,Ross, sent in his first impression about the PRO filter with his customised SuperCool mask.”

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“My situation is different because my lungs have always been quite weak. I had Whooping cough as a child and this had affected my lungs.”

Dr Anil Simhadri, U.K, London

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“You can pretty much feel you are breathing toxic fumes… I needed to find a solution – that would allow me to cycle to work, but keeping me safe at the same time.”

Przemek, Poland

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“My girlfriend Sarah and I have been using and very much enjoying the anti-pollution Totobobo masks in New Delhi – India. I want to say thanks…”


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Video review from Mohit, New Delhi.

“Without the masks breathing was laborious, but with the TOTOBOBO mask breathing the polluted air was much more comfortable.”

Herve and Goska from Develotour 

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Running, just like cycling, another activity that most people participate in, consisting of constant heavy and deep breathing, inhaling more air than usual. Not just does it affect your health, polluted air also makes your runs less enjoyable, as it deters your ability to breathe well.

We do not have much feedback on our users who wore the Totobobo Mask to run, but we do have a review on the SuperCool Mask, done by a product design student, Erica.

Industrial design student Erika test SuperCool mask at Oriental Parade, Wellington, New Zealand on the 17th of August - Photo by Bayden Filleul

Click here to read more about Erica’s take on the SuperCool mask, specially designed for running! 

Above are feedback and reviews we have gotten from users who use our Totobobo Masks for their exercises and activities, we hope that our masks are able to let you exercise while feeling reassured about the air that you’re breathing in!

We have a new filter called the Totobobo PRO Filter, click here to find out why this is the best filter for strenuous activities!