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User feedback of Totobobo mask

Here is a collection of feedbacks from our users.
Please feel free to add your feedback in the comment session. Let us know if you want to share your photo so that we can post it for you.

Suzanna Tan, Climbing Coach, Singapore
I’m a climbing coach and route setter. I’m able to climb and route set comfortably with a totobobo mask because it is so breathable! The mask keeps me safe not just from viruses but so the dust and chalk particles input sport 🙂

My husband and I really like the mask. It is very breathable, comfortable and easy to maintain. 

I think many people still choose disposable surgical masks because it is more breathable. But the totobobo mask is more breathable than that! And it’s environmentally friendlier. I hope more people will use your mask! On top of these, the totobobo mask is most comfortable too because no part of the mask touches the mouth and nose.

Suzanna Tan, Climbing Coach, Singapore

Marianne Chua, Official Fujifilm X-Photographer
Marianne Chua recently sent us a portrait of her wearing a Totobobo mask.
“I chose the totobobo mask because I liked the eco-friendly reusable factor and the fact you can keep it clean. Also as a glasses wearer, it was crucial for me to have something that didn’t steam them up for my long working hours! “

She is one of the official Fujifilm X-Photographer in the UK. There’s only four of them in the whole of the UK wedding industry! Isn’t it great?
You can see her profile via the links below
W | www.mariannechua.com
FB | www.facebook.com/mariannechuaphotography
Insta | www.instagram.com/marryandchew

Marianne Chua, award winning FujiFilm X-Photographer in UK

Alivia and Kalena
The postal service has been seriously interrupted by the COVID-19. I have been communicating with Sheeka over the email about the serious delay in postage service. She purchased the masks on the 21st of February, 2020 and only got them on the 1st of May! It was a stressful time of waiting for both sides but I felt a big relief when receiving the confirmation of delivery eventually.
Two weeks later, I got this photo – two adorable girls, Olivia and Kalena, they look so happy behind their Totobobo mask! This really makes my day 🙂

Olivia (left) is 7 and Kalena (right) is 6. They love how the Totobobo masks look fashionable but mostly love how comfortable it fits. – Sheeka A.

Travis B., Califonia
“The new masks have arrived in California with my parents, thank you. 
I have a beard. Is it safe to assume that I need to shave when I wear the mask to go to our doctor’s appointment for the baby? (Ans: Yes, better shave)

In Shanghai, I did a bunch of research. I’m a triathlete, and I needed a mask that would help get maximum O2, and The Totobobo seemed best. 
Pros are how well they work for any situation you might be exposed to air risks. I use it for construction and cleaning around our house most often. I feel good after using the mask, it truly filters the air. I have huge sensitivities to toxic fumes, dust, and seasonal allergies. Because of the color change, it’s really easy to tell when the filter is done. 
The three only cons I see are one, the waste of the filters. I compost, so I am wondering if they can be composted. Two, the mask sweats a lot even just sitting and using it. Last, sometimes it takes a lot of work to get the seal around the nose. 
Overall, I feel it does so much more safe filtering than other masks I’ve used in the past.”
– Travis B., Califonia

triathlete  mask
I’m a triathlete, and I needed a mask that would help get maximum O2, and The Totobobo seemed best.

Dr Sam Da Costa adaptation
From time to time we receive some impressive adaptation of our mask. Here is one example from Dr Sam Da Costa. Here is what he said about the new mask he purchased recently:

Hi Francis, 
I felt straight away at home with the new mask. No need to do any moulding of the mask fitted perfectly from day one. 
All I did from personal preference was to fit more elasticated ear straps and add a kind of carrying lanyard to fit around my neck.

Dr Sam Da Costa add a carrying lanyard to his Totobobo mask

Greg’s Totobobo mask since 2014
Greg bought his Totobobo mask in 2014 for cycling trips to China and Jakarta. The mask becomes useful again since the COVID-19 started in 2020. He has to use the mask every day since. Not bad a small long term investment.

“Never knew when I ordered mine 7 years ago to ride in polluted China and Jakarta that I expect it to be worn daily from last year, even when I’m not riding.”
– Greg Choong, Singapore

David from Seattle, USA

“I am thankful that I found the totobobo mask company.
I am an operator of a public transportation bus which serves the public and my exposure to people is very high.
I live in the United States, the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area. There is a side benefit besides preventing COVID-19 and living in an area with some of the cleanest air on the planet.
The used filters are telling me that even here there are many “things” in the air that we breathe.”

“I have had many interactions with the totobobo company due to circumstances surrounding my mask and I walked away knowing that the customer service is outstanding and it is such a pleasure to deal with.”

“I personally recommend this mask versus all the others that I have tried which are numerous.
I could not be happier with my mask.
Thank you to everyone at totobobo.”
– David W. Seattle, USA

David W. Seattle, USA

Totobobo mask user's feedback

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  • David Walsh 2020-12-05, 9:20 am

    I am thankful that I found the totobobo mask company.
    I am an operator of a public transportation bus which serves the public and my exposure to people is very high.
    And I live in the United States, the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area.
    The side benefit of my besides preventing COVID-19 and living in an area with some of the cleanest air on the planet.
    It is tell me even here where I live that there are many things in the air that we breathe.

    I have had many interactions with the totobobo company due to circumstances surrounding my mask and I walked away with knowing that the customer service is outstanding and such a pleasure to deal with.

    I personally recommend this mask versus all the others that I have tried which are numerous.
    I could not be happier with my mask.
    Thank you to everyone at totobobo.


  • Daniel Bates 2020-11-24, 5:42 pm

    Q& A with Daniel Bates, from New York, USA
    Q: What do you like about the Totobobo mask?
    Daniel: I like the fact it stops air coming in whereas cloth masks only stop it coming out. I like that you can mold it to the shape of your face. The customer service is great and they take time and care to respond. As somebody who wears glasses I especially like that my glasses don’t fog up and it’s a snug fit. The fact that it’s reusable is good for the environment too!

    Q: Is there any improvement that you would like to see?
    Daniel: Sometimes I get some condensation on the inside but that may be due to fitting issue. Some people have given me weird looks because it looks different to other masks! I’m not bothered but you may want to consider a cover of some kind as that may put some people off.

    Q: Have you used other masks before?
    Daniel: No but I have since and this is the best one by far.

  • Dr. G. 2020-11-23, 1:55 pm

    In early Spring 2020 when I realised that mask wearing and face-covering would become part of daily life in Europe, high specification masks like disposable KN95s or even wood workers masks were already unobtainable. Researching cyclists’ anti-pollution masks, I discovered the Totobobo and learnt that it had been rated among the top ten for cyclists by The Independent. I was delighted by the excellent customer service when I contacted the maker with questions, and also by the speedy delivery.

    Since then, I have tried a number of masks and made many cloth masks, but the Totobobo remains my favourite for a number of reasons.

    The custom fit and excellent seal mean that I feel extremely well protected; also, it is comfortable and does not fog my glasses or get steamy. A good mask is good for peace of mind as well as virus safety.

    I feel happier not adding to pollution and landfill with a disposable mask.

    I use the Totobobo with a hypochlorous hand sanitiser, spraying the mask and my face after use. This is preferable to laundering cotton masks daily.

    It had never before occurred to me to wear an anti-pollution mask when I cycle. But each time I change the Totobobo filters, I can see the darkening on the filter caused by air pollution. Air pollution is recognised as a significant threat to health, so I will probably continue to use the mask while cycling even after a vaccine for the corona virus has become widely used.

  • D. Riordan 2020-11-17, 7:18 am

    I found out about TotoboboMask first as a cycling mask. As a cycling commuter I noticed how many construction sites I rode by, especially with high amounts of fumes trapped under roadways and bridges. Totobobo was always highly rated.

    Then when the California wildfires were happening in 2019 I realized my family would likely be spending tons of time nearby them and that having travel sized reusable filter masks would be great. And then the pandemic happened.

    My main use of the mask has been as our family’s daily pandemic masks meaning we use them for everything. My wife and I never leave our house without it and even our toddler wears his TotoboboMask (most of the time). It doesn’t matter if we’re going shopping, taking a walk, or a multi hour intense bike ride or other workout, the Totobobo works and doesn’t fog up. Until a month ago I didn’t even try a cloth mask (and then I understood why folks kept complaining about masks). It’s so much more comfortable in a Totobobo and so much safer too.

    We got a lot of weird looks at first, then a lot of “that’s an intense mask” and now a lot of very excited “where do I get one of those”.

    I’ll still wear it every day after the pandemic ends, but back to its original purpose: protecting my lungs from pollution.

  • Bonny V. 2020-11-15, 5:28 pm

    I first saw the Totobobo mask on a cyclist in my local Prospect Park. The unusual design and secure look made me stop him. After having gone through several masks here in the U.S., I finally made the decision to give the highly regarded Totobobo a try. After trying the masks, we are happy with the quality and fit of the mask. Especially my partner who does daily battle with foggy glasses. The bespectacled teacher in our household is extra happy with this product. It’s the first mask in a line of masks that has not left them near tears at the end of the teaching day. Though it seems schools in NYC maybe returning to online format only again, don’t be surprised if you get more orders from teachers in Brooklyn NY. The totobobo mask was the best and most thoughtful, quality, and life-enhancing gift ever, they said.
    The extra bit of customer service puts an even bigger smile on my face!
    Now the most important use of the Totobobo mask for me is for working in a classroom as a New York City school teacher and on the increasingly crowded public transportation. I always and only Totobobo for all-day use in that environment.

  • Emily Lin 2020-09-16, 10:09 am

    We have been using our Totobobo masks out here in California with the pandemic and the wildfire smog. It’s been a relief to find masks that we can visually check for mask fit, given, mask fit is so important for mask efficacy 🙂

    It’s been a real pleasure using our masks, and as a long time user of the masks—I’ve used Totobobo since 2013-2014, when I was doing research in the super polluted areas of Northern China, and I can say that the new Totobobo masks are even better than the previous ones with the nose clips and elastic straps.

  • Cliff Johnson 2020-09-15, 6:27 pm

    This is the smartest design I’ve come across.
    This mask gets the job done without a monsterous offputting footprint. Glasses don’t fog and face stays cool after hours of continual use.
    The company acts with urgency to resolve any problems (in my case a problem I myself caused) and follows through to insure the customer has a layer of protection they can be confident in. I highly recommend this mask and the company that stands behind it.

  • Jeremy W 2020-09-14, 5:51 pm

    With Covid-19, I wanted a mask system that will provide a seal to minimise un-filtered air leaking through, while at the same time providing maximum airflow, during my workouts in the gym. Totobobo met my needs well, allowing me to breathe unhindered through my squats and deadlifts. The raised profile of the mask meant that my nose and mouth were uncovered, and the large filtration pads could support a large volume of air transmitting through the mask. It was comfortable and fitted well.
    Through my gym sessions, I did not feel a need to take off my mask to recover. It was an improvement over the surgical and cotton masks I had used previously .

  • Luke Grahame 2020-09-08, 5:53 pm

    Everyone’s got an opinion on masks and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind here.
    I can’t afford to bring Covid, Flu, even Cold, etc home at this point so I’m wearing one during gym sessions and all my clients are too (thanks for being respectful all of you!).
    Yes, they are uncomfortable but training with me is going to be very uncomfortable anyway so everyone knows what they’re in for.
    However, not all masks are created equal and some are more restrictive than others. I’ve found the @totobobomask to be my favourite for training so far – very comfortable, doesn’t restrict breathing or performance in anyway. I make a point of wearing mine to train in even if the gym is empty – can’t ask clients to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Worth picking one up if a mask makes you feel more reassured about returning to a gym.

  • Jason M. 2020-08-24, 5:49 pm

    I purchased two large facemasks with the nose clips for an upcoming plane trip for me and my spouse. Although we haven’t flown yet, I’ve been practicing wearing it, including most recently outside during all of the wildfire smoke in the Pacific NW. It works very well in filtering out the smoke. It’s comfortable to wear, especially the straps, which you can either adjust to fit around your ears or neck. I did have to mold mine to fit my face better and this was fairly easy to do with a hairdryer. I like that the filters are easy to replace and the mask itself can be washed with soap and water. Overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

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