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User feedback

This page is to collect feedbacks from Totobobo mask users.
Please add your feedback in the comment session.
Thank you!

Previous feedbacks: https://totobobo.com/blog/users/

Totobobo mask user's feedback
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  • Emily Lin 2020-09-16, 10:09 am

    We have been using our Totobobo masks out here in California with the pandemic and the wildfire smog. It’s been a relief to find masks that we can visually check for mask fit, given, mask fit is so important for mask efficacy 🙂

    It’s been a real pleasure using our masks, and as a long time user of the masks—I’ve used Totobobo since 2013-2014, when I was doing research in the super polluted areas of Northern China, and I can say that the new Totobobo masks are even better than the previous ones with the nose clips and elastic straps.

  • Cliff Johnson 2020-09-15, 6:27 pm

    This is the smartest design I’ve come across.
    This mask gets the job done without a monsterous offputting footprint. Glasses don’t fog and face stays cool after hours of continual use.
    The company acts with urgency to resolve any problems (in my case a problem I myself caused) and follows through to insure the customer has a layer of protection they can be confident in. I highly recommend this mask and the company that stands behind it.

  • Jeremy W 2020-09-14, 5:51 pm

    With Covid-19, I wanted a mask system that will provide a seal to minimise un-filtered air leaking through, while at the same time providing maximum airflow, during my workouts in the gym. Totobobo met my needs well, allowing me to breathe unhindered through my squats and deadlifts. The raised profile of the mask meant that my nose and mouth were uncovered, and the large filtration pads could support a large volume of air transmitting through the mask. It was comfortable and fitted well.
    Through my gym sessions, I did not feel a need to take off my mask to recover. It was an improvement over the surgical and cotton masks I had used previously .

  • Luke Grahame 2020-09-08, 5:53 pm

    Everyone’s got an opinion on masks and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind here.
    I can’t afford to bring Covid, Flu, even Cold, etc home at this point so I’m wearing one during gym sessions and all my clients are too (thanks for being respectful all of you!).
    Yes, they are uncomfortable but training with me is going to be very uncomfortable anyway so everyone knows what they’re in for.
    However, not all masks are created equal and some are more restrictive than others. I’ve found the @totobobomask to be my favourite for training so far – very comfortable, doesn’t restrict breathing or performance in anyway. I make a point of wearing mine to train in even if the gym is empty – can’t ask clients to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Worth picking one up if a mask makes you feel more reassured about returning to a gym.

  • Jason M. 2020-08-24, 5:49 pm

    I purchased two large facemasks with the nose clips for an upcoming plane trip for me and my spouse. Although we haven’t flown yet, I’ve been practicing wearing it, including most recently outside during all of the wildfire smoke in the Pacific NW. It works very well in filtering out the smoke. It’s comfortable to wear, especially the straps, which you can either adjust to fit around your ears or neck. I did have to mold mine to fit my face better and this was fairly easy to do with a hairdryer. I like that the filters are easy to replace and the mask itself can be washed with soap and water. Overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

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