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Totobobo pollution filters: F96, F94, F92, ECO filter, PRO+ filter, sport filter
Filter range for Totobobo mask

How many types of filters are there?

  • F92
  • F94
  • F96
  • PRO+
  • ECO
  • Odor Eliminator / Moisture Regulator

What are the different uses of your filters?

  • F92, F94, F96 : These filters are generally for normal uses, such as protection from air pollution, fumes, dusty environments, etc. They are made for the same usage, with different filtration effectiveness.
  • PRO+ : The PRO+ Filter is best for sports use. Lower breathing resistance with a higher efficiency of filtration (N99 level, 99% filtration efficiency) , perfect for vigorous breathing during exercising in polluted cities.
  • ECO : This filter is the best “value for money” choice. With a performance ranging between the F96 and PRO+ filter, this filter comes in a bundle of 10 pairs at a lower price!
  • Flight filter- Odor Eliminator / Moisture Regulator : Mainly designed for air traveling. This filter should not be used in harsh environments, it does not filter out very fine, sub-micron particles very well. It is used to help regulate moisture in your respiratory system during long flights, preventing you from getting a blocked nose and dry throat. It can also be used to minimize stenches, for example, cleaning pet litters or clearing food waste.

How long can your filters last?

  • F92, F94 and F96 filters can be used for up to 2 weeks. New, unused filter remain effective for 3 years within the package.
  • PRO+ and ECO filters can be used for up to 1 month. New, unused filter remain effective for 3 years within the package.
  • Travel filter/Odor Eliminator / Moisture Regulator filters are reusable after washing!

What if the filters come into contact with water?

  • Filters can be used again after it is dried, as long as it is within 2 weeks (For F92, F94 and F96) or 4 weeks (For PRO+ and ECO)
  • It is no advisable to use filters while wet as it will affect the ease of breathing

How to install the PRO+ Filters?

Here is a video on how to install our PRO+ and ECO filters. They come with an additional body which makes installation slightly different from our regular filters. Vimeo

How to install ECO Filters?

How to install Flight Filters?