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Best Cycling Mask Got Better

Develotour DVD is out! Goska and Herv? from France to Asia on a 16,000 km eco-cycling tour

Cover of Develotour DVD. The ultra lightweight mask they wear is considered by many cyclist the best in the world

Goska and Herv? of Develotour Asia released the documentation film of their year-long ECO-cycling trip from France to Asia, crossing some of the most polluted areas including India, Thailand, Vietnam and China. They covered a total distance of 16,000 km on the bicycle, observing and reporting the environmental issue as they pedal.

The lightweight and comfy Totobobo mask was their choice of respirator for lung protection from heavy air pollution. From 1:05 to 1:38 in the clip below you can see why they need a pollution mask and how Totobobo has been used during the trip.

The TOTOBOBO anti-pollution masks came in very useful in India! We’ve tested the masks in Delhi, the Indian countryside and Calcutta. I can tell how polluted were these cities, by the varying shades of brown on the used filters. Even far from cities and factories, the air is very polluted.
– Goska Romanowicz

Pollution mask filters before, inside and after Beijing, each one after 6 hours of pedalling

Used filters before, inside and after Beijing, each one after 6 hours of pedalling

SuperCool – the best pollution mask just got better!

The ultra-lightweight-transparent-mask were considered by many cyclists the best in the world. Yet the design team in Totobobo has been working continuously to improve it further. Based on the feedback from Develotour and many cyclists, the original Totobobo mask has been re-designed. The result? Another revolution! the latest SuperCool model further enhanced the strengths of the original design, such as lightweight, re-usability, easily clean, fold-flat, and improved on the comfort and fit. The SuperCool makes heavy breathing easier through the mouth, completely eliminated the glasses fogging problem while perfecting the fit and face seal. Early adopters like Ross from California, Maurice from Thailand and Erika from New Zealand has given their seals of approval. Jump to the Special September Offer to get a good discount while the offer is still on!

The coolest pollution mask for cyclist and motorist, Totobobo Super-Cool mouth mask

SuperCool – the coolest pollution mask

SuperCool – the coolest pollution mask

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The Coolest cyclist mask- SuperCool

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12 useful features for cyclist

How to clean TOTOBOBO mask for reuse?

Official news release for Develotour DVD


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