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Our mission is to provide practical respiratory protection for ordinary people, that’s YOU.

“You” can be children or adults. You will not tolerate uncomfortable mask. You don’t have elaborate fit-test facilities to ensure the mask fits. Throwing away a facemask after each use is too wasteful for you. Therefore TOTOBOBO mask is the world’s first customizable mask Suitable for Children and Adults; it is comfortable to wear and is easy to fit. TOTOBOBO is also simple and safe to reuse.

Our transparent Totobobo mask pioneers the “Visual Seal-Check” method. An intuitive method to ensure the mask is fitting and sealing your face. Compared to others, TOTOBOBO is more comfortable because it is lighter, cooler, softer and also easier to breathe through. The anti-microbial mask means reuse is easy and safer. Most importantly, TOTOBOBO mask is highly adaptable, it can fit adults and is the only one that can fit children down to age 5.

TOTOBOBO mask is made in Singapore. More information is available at www.totobobo.com