SuperCool- the Coolest Cycling mask

The coolest pollution mask

The coolest pollution mask

TOTOBOBO SuperCool is the perfect filter mask for cycling and outdoor sports in polluted cities. This innovative respirator covers only the mouth. By removing the nasal cover from the original design, you can exhale easier through the nostrils without filling the mask with uncomfortable heat and moisture. The SuperCool mask is truly the coolest breathing mask in the world. With the nose free there is no concern of fogged up glasses. It is also slim and sleek, easy to wear while cruising around.

The coolest pollution mask for cyclist and motorist, Totobobo Super-Cool mouth mask

The coolest pollution mask

The TOTOBOBO SuperCool uses top-quality High-Efficiency-Air-Filters to keep unwanted airborne particles out of the respiratory system. Test in the Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University, Hong Kong, has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Totobobo mask.

The unique “SoftTech” material enable TOTOBOBO mask to fit snugly and comfortably to the face. It forms an air-tight seal so air can only get in through the filters. Remarkably, the mask can be trimmed to fit any face.

The mask is reusable and a pair of disposable filters is less than a dollar for a typical week long use in highly polluted cities. The TOTOBOBO SuperCool Mask is of superior quality and is the best value amongst competitions.

The SuperCool’s streamlined design is tailored for use with a helmet and goggles or glasses. Talking is more easily done and your smile is not lost behind a bulky mask, so communicating while riding is not an issue as it is with other masks. Cleaning your nose is also quite possible — if you ever need to. This product is a must have for any city riders. The SuperCool mask is now available from .

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