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What are the factors behind the comfort of Totobobo mask?

“Comfort” is an intuitive and subjective feeling. Achieving it involve tackling a complex mix of hardware and human needs. It is clear that many users commented Totobobo mask is more comfortable compared to other masks they had tried before. What is the secret behind this special level of comfort?

First and the most important, the designer is the user himself.

Here is a list of features contributes to the unique comfort of Totobobo mask:

1) Extremely soft straps. Both our head strap for the classic mask or earloop strap of the earloop mask are substantially  softer and more elastic than other masks available in the market. Many users thought that the strap may break easily because they are so soft, but after many uses, they discovered this is one of the secret that makes Totobobo mask more comfortable than other reusable masks.

2) Light weight: tipping the scale at 20 grams, Totobobo mask is the lightest reusable mask in the world. A light mask requires less force to hold it on your face, and allows the use of softer straps.

3) Stand up design: keep the filter away from touching your nose or mouth. The filter won’t soak in your own saliva like a surgical mask or cloth mask will.

4) TotoSoft material: it is our propitiatory plastic material. Soft and comfortable to touch and it does not trigger any allergic reaction. It does not contain any latex, silicone or rubber.

5) Heat moulding: fine tune the shape so that it follows the user’s face closely. Therefore it requires minimum tension from the strap to fit the mask on user’s face. Less tension = more comfortable.

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