How long can the filter last?

Totobobo mask effective protection from bush-fire

Totobobo mask effective protection from smoke particles

This is a common question and there is no fixed answer.

In general, the filter should be replaced more frequent if it is used for virus or during a flu pandemic.
For anti-pollution purpose, the color of the filter give an indication of the remaining effectiveness. Therefore one can decide when to replace the filter based on the color of the filter.

Test on used filters from users from India, Vietnam, USA and Singapore shows that it is possible to use the color of the filters to determine, apporximately, the remaining effectiveness of the filters. These used filter samples coming from different countries, and different shades of grey is observed. It also show the relative level of air pollution, for example, 7 hours of use turns the filter almost black and the remaining effectiveness left only with 50%. On the other hands, 17 hours of use in California turns the filter to the second level of grey and still have 70% of effectiveness remain.

Totobobo filter color chart and remaining effectiveness

Totobobo filter color chart and remaining effectiveness

Depends on individual needs one can change the filter according to the remaining effectiveness. In any case, the filter should not be used for more than 14 days after removing the pack.

9 thoughts on “How long can the filter last?

  1. Hi There!

    i want to buy a pack of F96 filters, but i will use just a few of them during the upcoming couple of months and want to store the rest for the next year. considering the fact that they last only 14 days after opening the pack, is it possible?

    • The F96 filter can be kept for 5 years in the original sealed pack.
      Once taken out to use, the filter should be changed after 2 weeks.
      Those remain in the ziplock bag stays effective for 2-3 years, if kept in relatively dry and below 30C.

  2. I would also like to inquire as to why the filter should be used after 14 days, regardless of the severity of its discoloration. Could you provide any more detailed information in regard to this question for myself or Ben, here? Thanks in advance.

    • Totobobo filter make use of electron-static charged media to capture the finest particle. The static charge is very strong initially but it will degrade over time. The speed of degrade can vary. As a result, the quality can drop a lot after the two weeks period. Therefore we do not recommend to keep using it after two weeks.

  3. I live in a very cold city temperatures are around -10 to -30 outside. Due to the temperature differential between the outside environment and inside the mask, people who have the totobobo here experience a lot of condensation inside the mask in a very short time period, such that droplets form etc. You mentioned the electro static discharge will disappear but how much will this effect the mask’s effectiveness if condensation is happening EVERY time the mask is worn?

  4. I noticed with the most popular brand the smell of hydrocarbons in traffic is still very strong…any recommendations ?

  5. If moisture is a concern with these types of filters, shouldn’t storing them in a sealed bag with some dessicant solve that particular issue?

  6. The electro static charge on the filter will slowly disappear once in contact with water moisture. Two weeks is a safety guideline. It is recommended to change the filter after 2 weeks of use, or when the color of the filter changed from pure white to mid-grey, whichever is shorter.

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