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Thank you, Jim

A email from Jim Waldron yesterday is a perfect user endorsement:

I bought a mask from my woodturning club, Alamo Woodturners association. (alamoturners.com) about a year ago.We have your web site on our club home page.
I wear glasses and I have allergies. I have tried many different masks, Yours is the best by far. It is comfortable efficient and easy to clean. (Now) I bought a second mask because I depend on my Totobobo mask and do not wish to be without it if something should wear out. I do wish you sold the filters in larger quantities as I like to change filters with each new project that I start. Packs of 25 or 50 would be very useful and save on shipping.
Please let me know if or when larger quantities of filters are available. I ordered two packages of 10 filters each with my order for the new mask. But that will last me just a few months.
Jim Waldron (TX, USA)

Thanks to Jim’s suggestion, we added a cost saving bulk pack filter (50 pairs) button in our BUY page.


Please forward your experience or suggestion email to : totobobomask (at) gmail . com


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