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Incense smoke demo

I did a small experiment to visualize how totobobo filter block incense smoke, and how a deliberated gap could render the filter useless.

The setup consist of a vacuum cleaner to provide suction toward the right. This represented the suction force during inhalation. The nose and mouth was marked out by playclay. Another playclay border in front of the nose and mouth represent the mask and formed the breathing zone. A piece of Totobobo filter was inserted to close the opening of the mask, this effectively represented a cross-section of a person wearing a Totobobo mask and covering the nose and mouth.
A glass plate was put on top of the playclay to provide air-tight compartments.

incense smoke visualizer setup

The first demo represented a good seal existed between the mask and the face. The only possible entry for the air was through the filter. At least 94% incense smoke were trapped by the Totobobo filter.

Here is a picture illustration and a video demo:
incense smoke blocked by Totobobo filters

The second experiment was to simulate the effect of a leak.
I opened up the “mask” near the “chin” of the playclad “face”, to show what happen if there is a gap between the mask and the face.

how incense smoke bypass totobobo filter

It was clear that most of the incense smoke leaked through the gap due to strong pressure drop there, and hardly any smoke got attracted towards the filter.

In order to demonstrate a clear cut effect, I’d created a gap much more than what we will see normally.

It was not difficult to see how the incense smoke flow towards the lowest pressure area. When the mask-face seal was good, the maximum pressure drop exist near the filter and the smoke got attracted there. When there was an opening below near the “chin” and created a stronger pressure drop area, the smoke got pull over there.

Therefore it is important to ensure a good seal between the mask and the user’s face. Otherwise, pollutant will by-pass the filter and zip through the gaps wherever easier.

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