How to perform a seal check with the “Water Mark” Method?

The protection a Respiratory mask provides solely depends on two factors:

1: How effective the air filter is

2: How well the mask is able to fit to the user’s face, making sure the air you breathe        in is only passed through from the filters.

The filters are test by reputable laboratories and certified reports are produced.

We have sent files to Nelson Labs in USA and the results were published.

However, it isn’t that easy for users to check if the mask is providing a perfect fit on their face, without any gaps. Totobobo Mask, by far, is the only mask on the market which allows this method to be applied, the “Water Mark Check”.


Water mark shows poor and good seal before and after ReShape of Totobobo mask.Water mark shows poor and good seal before and after ReShape of Totobobo mask.


The edge of the Totobobo Mask, which is frosted, turns transparent when it comes into contact with wet skin. This is called the “Water Mark”. The following shows a step by step approach on how to check the sealing of the mask using the water mark.

1 : Apply a thin layer of water on the user’s face with cotton wool, mostly around the nose bridge and the chin areas.

2 : Put on the mask and carefully examine the water marks.

3 : Check if the water mark forms a complete, continuous loop, from the nose all the way through the mouth and under the chin. If the water mark forms a complete loop, it indicates that the mask is providing a good seal and fitment around your face. The mask is then ready for use.

4 : If there are segments of frosted markings that breaks the continuous loop, that means the the mask is not sealed perfectly to the user’s face and has gaps in between. You will have to adjust the mask to improve on the sealing of it.

There are several things you can do to improve the sealing of the Totobobo Mask.

  • Adjusting the position of the mask. (Shifting it up and down)
  • Adjusting the tension of the elastic straps. (Firm but not too tight)
  • ReShape the mask (Using Warm but not boiling water and a hairdryer.)
  • Downsize the mask by trimming it down. 

Your mask is ready for use and provides the best protection only if you have a good seal. Do use the water mark method to have a confirmation on the seal!

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