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Happy 47th Birthday to Singapore!

Today, 2012-08-12, is the 47th birthday of the “Little Red Dot” called Singapore. Not many people knows the entire creation, development and production process of Totobobo mask was done in Singapore. To celebrate our National Day, we are going to give away a set of (Totobobo mask + filters) for the best answer to the following Quiz:

In what way does the design of Totobobo mask reflect the identity of Singapore?
This quiz will be closed by Sunday, 12 August, 23:00pm Singapore time.

Guiding principle of the design of Totobobo mask:
– Effective protection is king.
– Comfort is queen. If it is not comfortable, it get used less, or none!
– Reuse, reuse and reuse again!
– Minimize waste
– Small
– Easy to clean

More info : http://totobobo.com/blog/features/
Give your answer as comment below or on our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Totobobo-mask/124204946791

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  • info 2012-08-10, 6:13 pm

    Thanks Anil, cleanliness and innovation, great character share between Singapore and Totobobo mask. Thanks also for featuring in our earlier post: http://totobobo.com/blog/why-do-you-choose-totobobo-mask/

  • Anil 2012-08-10, 5:39 pm

    Singapore is a city of innovation and cleanliness. Totobobo mask is definitely innovative with its tight fit and see through plastic. It keeps the lungs “clean” from grit and grime. It is also easy to clean with its innovative plastic design.

  • info 2012-08-10, 11:52 am

    Here are the responses from our Facebook consolidated here:

    Cynthia Moccio
    It is delicate and compact so it can easily fit anywhere, anytime in any environment.

    Jessica Wheeler
    To help keep people safe in the swine flu panic?

    Pei Kang Ng
    Critically clinical protection

    Derek Leong
    Despite the smog, It has protected and given us the ability to cut through the haze to go further…

    Tom Keeble
    without a self-applied filter to prevent ingesting that which stinks, living in singapore would be unbearable.

    Andie Lin
    This is my long and boring answer to the question. I actually hope you read this. Here it goes: When the blog said that effective protection is king, it reminded me of the days of colonial Singapore under British rule. Maybe this has to do with identity of Singapore? that it was once a British colony? same with the statement about how “comfort is queen”. Since Singapore is highly urbanized and has a high number of vehicles on the road similar to Taiwan, lots of people wear masks but from what i saw in Taiwan, they don’t offer much protection so a tight sealing mask is necessary. The customization aspect of the mask reflects Singapore’s innovation and the simplicity that is required to please customers and market the product. This reflects the booming economy of Singapore and it’s status as one of the four Asian tigers. Also, the reuse and minimal waste aspect reflects Singapore’s desire for conservation. Examples include the tree conservation areas where trees above a certain height may not be cut down, the Singapore environment council, and the national environment agency which dedicates themselves to protecting nature. Also, Singapore has a compulsory health insurance plan called “Medisave” similar to the compulsory health insurance plan in Taiwan. This reflects Singapore’s desire to actually keep their citizens healthy similar to how the totobobo mask kept many people healthy.

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