Donation to Japan children Clinic

April 14, 2011, Japan

Kakuta children clinic logo

Dream Lab One Pte. Ltd. today announced Kakuta Kodomo(Children) & Allergies Clinic in the Miyagi Prefecture has accepted the donation of Totobobo masks and filters from FI Corporate, the main distributor of Totobobo mask in Japan.

Kakuta Children Clinic was specially designed for pediatrics, allergic diseases (children and adult), sick building syndrome, chemical sensitivity and heart disease in children. Several advanced features make Totobobo mask useful to provide respiratory protection for children who is still recovering and with weak immune system. Totobobo mask is made of transparent anti-microbial plastic which is soft and flexible, the comfortable elastic strap is tested and does not trigger any allergic reaction. Most of all, the mask can be cut with a pair of scissors to fit different sizes and shapes of children’s faces. The mask can be easily clean and reuse, simply by changing the filters.

Dream Lab One and Japanese partner, FI Corporation managed to donate 50 Totobobo masks and 500 pairs of filters to Kakuta Kodomo(Children) & Allergies Clinic in the Miyagi Prefecture, the area recorded the strongest ground movement of 7.0 during the 9.0-magnitude undersea earthquake off the coast of Japan on March 11th. The earthquake has triggered strong tsunami which in turn has damaged the Tokai nuclear power plant in Fukushima. The National Police Agency has confirmed 13,498 deaths, 4,916 injured, and 14,734 people missing across eighteen prefectures.

Front gate of Kakuta Children and Allergic Clinic

Staff of Kakuta Kodomo (children) & Allergies Clinic

Donation of Totobobo masks and filters

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