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96% filter

Due to recent demand for flu prevention, we will soon †introduce a new filter call 96%, one percent more efficient than N95 filters. Which allows the wearer to block more contemination (e.g. virus) out of the breathing zone.

Similar to the existing 94% filter, the 96% contains electro-static charged filber. It is designed to filter out at least 96% of the most penatrating particles of 0.3 micron size.†

Watch our “buy page”††for the latest update.

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  • RH 2009-05-20, 10:39 pm

    I double up the filters on each side. Good to do? When I change them, should I change both or maybe just the outer dirty filter?

    • info 2009-05-20, 11:35 pm

      If you double up the filters (2 layers of 94%) you will get 99% filtration efficiency.
      For general use like air pollution or pollen, it is possible to change the outer filter. It is better to shift the inner layer up and replace the inner layer with a fresh filter.
      For virus or flu application (protect yourself / protect others), it is necessary to replace both layers together.

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