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2014 new design

Some of you may have received our new design (2014) ahead of this official announcement.
The 2014 new design of Totobobo mask has improved the design based on feedbacks from our supportive users.

Some of you told us the previous filter cap was not easy to use and a few broke the filter cap while trying to open it. Also some lost the filter cap and need to purchase the replacement.

We have improved the design of the filter cap, it is now attached to the mask (never lost it again!) and it is easier to operate.
The mask body material has been improved to ensure 100% support of the ReShape feature.

The key improvements:
– Filter cap integrated with the mask body, no more missing caps.
– Easier operation in locking the filter cap, no more broken cap.
– Multi-directional filtering – even more easier to breathe with!
– Improved formulation for the mask body, 100% support the unique ReShape feature.

An important design principle is ECO friendliness and sustainability. While moving over to the new 2014 design you should not throw away the old parts. All filters, head-strap and earloop straps are compatible with the old design. This is a running change so we will be using the same code name (TTO, TTLe, TTSC and TTSCe) as before. During this couple of months some of you may receive the original design while others may receive the new design. Here are a few photos of the new design (2014) for your reference:

Totobobo 2014 new design 2014-new-design450
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  • Darin Selby 2014-02-05, 10:50 pm

    Thanks for the update. One question, what about an exhale valve, so that the exhaled air isn’t going up into the eyes and googles?

    • info 2014-02-06, 6:01 am

      Thanks Mike and Darin for your comments.
      Darin, Totobobo mask don’t have an exhale valve yet it is possible to get the same effect by adjusting the strap:
      Due to lightweight, the mask will push out when you exhale and suck in and collapse a bit when you inhale. By adjusting the strap to the point that it just hold the mask on your face. As you exhale, the exhaled air escaped from gaps around the mask. When you inhale, the gaps closed and the air can only enter the breathing zone through the filters.
      Some users describe this state as “The mask is breathing with me.”

  • Mike 2013-12-31, 2:29 am

    The new filter cap is a definite improvement. Congratulations!

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