Get the mask before the haze get to you! The best reusable filter mask that is sleek, light and comfortable to wear.

Awesome Seal Check!

Makes fitting and sealing much easier!

Easy Seal Check

Poor face seal is poor protection. Over 90% of 1500 tests of N95 masks failed due to users unaware of the leaks, According to a published study by Tongji Medical College, which conducted 1500 tests with 500 N95 masks on 50 Chinese.
To help identify any leaks, we developed the "water-mark" method; the frost internal surface of the mask turns into transparent when it touches wet skin. The transparent water-mark makes it easy to identify any gaps between the mask and the user's face. With Totobobo patented technology, ensuring protection and face seal is easy and accurate.

ReShape the mask

Not getting a good seal? No problem, let's warm it up with a hair dryer or hot water to ReShape the mask to make it fit better!

Trim the mask

Is the mask too big for your kid? No worry, trim the mask to fit smaller kids (some cases down to 3 years old). You can even "test trim" with the "paper simulator".

Test reports

Authoritive test reports


F96 Filtration Efficiency


(Dampen) F96 Filtration Efficiency


F96 Virul Filtration Efficiency


F96 BEF and Delta P


F94 Filtration Efficiency


No harmful BPA found


No harmful RHOS group found


No harmful Halogen group found


Prince of Wales Hospital


Tongji Medical College


Frequesntly Asked Questions

FAQs (Mask)

There are 3 generation of Totobobo mask:
(1) First generation (round filter cap), two models- the classic mask with adjustable headstrap or the earloop. /
(2) Second generation (2014), (integrated filter cap) two models similar to 1st generation.
(3) Third generation (2015), (clover filter cap) two models, large and small sizes, both come with adjustable earloop and an adaptor to convert it to headstrap.
Totobobo mask is designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and ease of use to everyone. Unique features includes:
(1) Patented "Water-mark seal check" is easy and reliable. (2) World's first customizable mask. You can shape it and trim it. DIY to the unique face of each of your family members. (3) Very flexible and comfortable to the skin, superior fit due to the SoftTech material. (4) By far the lightest reusable respirator. Weight only 20 grams. (5) Super elastic strap, most comfortable and durable. (6) Reproduction of bateria or virus is prohibited on the surface of the mask,thanks to the anti-virus additive.
You can reuse the mask many times if you use it and keep it with care. We have customers reported using the mask regularly for two years. In normal usage condition there should not be any issue to reuse the mask for over 200 times.


Totobobo fit-test pass rate (Prince of Wales Hospital)
N95 masks fit-test pass rate (1500 tests, Tongji Medical College)
Totobobo F96 filtration efficiency (Nelson Labs)
Totobobo Fit Factor (customized)

FAQs (Filters)

The effective usage time of the filter depends on a number of factors: – Concentration of contamination – Breathing rate – Heat – Humidity – Hygiene factors, and your environment. As a role of thumb, you should change the filters when the white filter turns 50% grey as printed on the filter packaging. On the other hand it is recommended the filter should not be used longer than 2 weeks, even there is no signs of color change. More detail discussion (here)
F96 (96%) filter - Extra high level of protection. Breath easier than typical N95 masks.
F94 (94%) filter - Easy to breathe while maintaining high level of protection.
F92 (92%) filter - Most economic, high efficiency for everyday use.
All above filters contains electro-static charges and is highly effective to trap fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron.
The electro static force embedded in the filter media is very strong and will not lost it function after contacting water. However, the filtration efficiency will slowly decrease gradually. We recommend to replace the filter after 2 weeks of use, or when it changes to 50% grey, as indicated on the filter packaging.

Usage Demo

More detail instructions and videos in this link

How to perform a "Water-mark" seal check?

Instruction for "Water-mark" seal check

1) Apply a bit of water on the user's face with cotton wool. Make sure the area where the mask touches the face are wet.
2) Put on the mask and check the "water-mark":
3) Refer to the illustration, where the mask touches the face, the frost inner surface of the mask turns transperent. Where there is gaps between the mask and the face remains frost.
4) The mask is totally sealing the user's face if there is a continuos transparent area encirculed the nose, mouth and chin area.
5) If the transparent loop is broken, you may proceed to improve the fitting of that area by "ReShape" method shown below.

How to ReShape Totobobo mask?


This video shows how to use a hair dryer to reshape a Totobobo mask to improve the fit, especially to eliminate gaps near to the nose bridge.
(1) Hold the outside of the mask, use a hair dryer to blow into the inner surface. Keep dryer moving to avoid overheating.
(2) Switch off the hair dryer when the fingers holding the mask feel the heat through the mask body.
(3) Use two finger to pinch the nose-bridge part of the mask inward, another hand to hold the chin area. Hold the mask in this position for 1 minute to let it cool down.
(4) Release the mask. The mask is now moulded into a new shape. Try to see if it fits better.

Any leaks between the mask and your face can significantly decrease the protective effect of a fitting mask.

Video demo in Youtube


Collection of video showing how to use Totobobo mask on YouTube. Totobobo in Youku (video)

Video collection in Youku


Collection of video showing how to use Totobobo mask on the Chinese YouKu site. Totobobo in Youku (video)

User testimonial

A small selection of testimonials from our customers in over 50 countries

Hu Xiao Fei (胡笑非)

Beijing, China

Love it! It fits so well and seal my face all around! 我真心觉得很赞!我顿时无话可说

Ross, CA, USA

Lawyer and cyclist advocate

Totobobo is a great product–customer service has been very responsive and helpful.

Dr.Anil Simhadri, UK


"Totobobo mask helps to remove the “trigger” for asthma when I cycle to work in London traffic."

Kayla, 7, USA

Post Chemotherapy use

"Totobobo mask is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!" Debbi, Kayla's mum.

Goska/Hervé, France

World tour cyclists

Your mask is very useful in India. It gets wet but that’s better than breathing the air of Delhi.

Steve, USA

Blogger, scrollsawworkshop

You can see through the mask and check the seal where the mask contacts your face.

Dr.St Cyr, China

Doctor, blogger

Real-world testing clearly shows Totobobo is more effective than Respro.

Lucas, Singapore

A playful 5.5 yr boy

"As parents we only want the best for our kids.. Totobobo is the best so far!" Mother Yi Xuan

Ms Wido, Singapore

A kind lady

"Totobobo masks can protect the kids from the volcanic ash and save lives."

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