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Do you know Totobobo mask will fit your face?

Side by side: Totobobo mask and simulator

Download Totobobo simulator and test if totobobo fit your face

Face mask fitting is a personal issue. Even a certain mask fit many people, it doesn't mean that it will fit you. Just like buying a pair of shoes, you can't really tell until you actually put it on and try.

But unlike buying a pair of shoes, no shop will let you try a new mask unless you have bought it. Once you open the pack, you can not return the product because of obvious hygiene reason.

We create a downloadable paper dummy or the "Totobobo simulator" to let you try out if the Totobobo mask will fit your face and your family members. The simulator is a full scale dummy of the actual Totobobo mask,which can be used to test for the right size (though it have no filters) .

Furthermore, you can trim the simulator, just as cutting the actual mask to check how it can fit better for smaller faces. It is especially useful for people who do not want to damage their mask unnecessarily.

Now just download the "Totobobo mask simulator", print as many copies as you need, experiment different sizes and cuts and see which one fits the best.

Here is a few step by step illustration:

1st step: cut it out
2nd step: fold it
3rd step: join the edge
After three simple steps, you have your very own simulator!
Now is the time to have fun testing the fit. If it is too big, just cut it smaller. †If you cut it too small, just make another one!
Simulators cut to different sizes for test
The position of the lines are comparable to the real thing, you can follow the lines to get M,S or XS sizes, or even any size in between.
However, a simulator is not the real thing. Especially around the nose bridge area, the paper simulator is flat and the real Totobobo mask has a 3D curved profile which fits human face better.

Testing the size

Side by side: Totobobo mask and simulator

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