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testing Totobobo mask in hospital testing Totobobo mask in hospital testing Totobobo mask in hospital

Totobobo 96% filter tested by Nelson Labs

totobobo filter Nelson Labs test report
Many customers asked if totobobo filter is effective against PM2.5, which is one of the most significant health threat of urban air pollution. In order to find out, we sent our filter to Nelson Labs to test. Nelson Labs is a highly reputable testing Laboratory in USA. It is recommended by NOISH for N95 respirator qualification test. The result of the lab test indicates that totobobo 96% filter is very effective (99.85%) against very fine particles of 0.1 micron - twenty five times smaller that 2.5 microns.

Testing Totobobo mask against 3M N95 masks

To validate the protection of Totobobo, we sent the masks to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong to test the effectiveness by professional fit-test facilities.
The test report was recently published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. The objective of the test was to compare the efficacy of Totobobo aganst N95 masks (3M 1860 or 1860S or 1862). The test was conducted in 22 healthy volunteers.
Note that all test subjects have previously passed fit-test of N-95 mask but all are first time trying the Totobobo mask.
The key findings are:
  • The pass rate (filtration factor >100) of Totobobo mask was comparable to the fit-tested N-95 mask (~75%). However, the general protection level of Totobobo (135) is not as high as N-95 mask (193).
  • 65% subjects preferred the comfort of Totobobo mask over their fitted tested N95 masks, comfort is an important factor when come to indivicual safety compliance.
  • Previous studies shown majority of (N95) masks fit less than 40% of the test population, while in this test Totobobo was fitting 75% of the test population.

Download the raw report "randomized controlled cross over study"
Median filtration factor
Pass ratio
Pass rate
Totobobo mask
Fit tested 3M N95 mask
Note: Totobobo mask is currently not NIOSH certified. It should not be considered as an adequate substitute for N95 mask for medical application.

The layman filter test

The filter is the most important component of a respirator. The quality of air that gets into your lung is determined by the quality of the filter, provided you there is a good seal between the mask and your face. To find out how effective these different alternatives are, a laser particle counter is used to collect objective data.

Protection factor (P) of each filter is calculated by the formula:

P = Qi / Qn
Where Qi is the value of ambient particle count without filters and Qn is the particle count of the filter concerned. Higher P value indicates better protection factor.

Totobobo mask filter test

Protection factor (higher better)
Totobobo filter
Surgical mask
Respro mask filter
Magiclean wiper
Facial pad
3M 8210 N95 *
0.5 micro
2.5 micro
Click for a detail report of the filter test.

Totobobo is the best anti-pollution mask providing N95 class performance

Totobobo mask is the most comfortable and advanced respirator in the non-certified respirator market. In many respects the patented design is revolutionary. The original design cater to the needs of common users, who do not have access to professional fit-test facility and yet need the assurance of a well fitted respirator.Tests shown that Totobobo mask is significantly more protective than any anti-pollution mask available in the market.

A different approach
To provide assurance of good fit, we made the reusable mask with transparent plastic, so that users can see through and check the face-seal. We also make the mask customizable, so that users can trim the mask to fit their face. The thin and flexible plastic is highly adaptive and easily follows the contour of the face, it is exceptionally flexible and comfortable to use. There is even silver ion anti-virus additive in the mask to make reuse more safe. all these sounds great on paper, but how does it perform in real life?

Bottom line:

If your have access to fit-test facility and have time to conduct fit test, the best option is fit-tested N95 mask. Otherwise, Totobobo mask provides very good protection even if you don't have access to fit-test facility or in emergency and there is no time for fit test.

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