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Totobobo mask


Totobobo mask stands out as the most versatile face mask available. It can be reshaped to suit the contours of your unique face or trimmed for a smaller fit, making it suitable for children. A peer-reviewed study has demonstrated that the Totobobo mask accommodates a larger percentage of users compared to standard N95 masks.



The mask body is embedded with BioCote®, a silver-based antimicrobial agent. BioCote® technology is known to work against bacteria, mould, fungi and the influenza A H1N1 virus. Recently, it has been tested independently and proved effective against a virus from the coronavirus family: the feline coronavirus, strain Munich.

Corona virus

Excellent filters

Our filters were professionally tested by Nelson Labs in the USA and demonstrated excellent filtration properties with low air resistance. We publish all the test reports here

All our filters achieved over 99% for VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency), BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ) and PFE (Particlate Filtration Efficiency).

N99 N95 BFE VFE filters

Chow and Lin use Totobobo mask since 2012 in Beijing

What Users say..

Google "totobobo mask review" and you will find many user's recommendations of Totobobo mask. Many of them are long term users of our products. These testimonials were published through out the years 2009. It is not possible to "fake" it. Below we pick a few of the examples for your reference. More can be found REVIEWs and FEEDBACKs.

Luke Grahame

Not all masks are created equal and some are more restrictive than others. I’ve found the totobobo mask to be my favourite for training so far – very comfortable, doesn’t restrict breathing or performance in anyway. I make a point of wearing mine to train in even if the gym is empty – can’t ask clients to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Worth picking one up if a mask makes you feel more reassured about returning to a gym. Origianl post here

Random Name

Sandra Mly

Some people said this mask is weird, but I think it’s super stylish😎
A different approach to a face mask. New perspective leads to new idea, attention to details and caring. Focus on Eco freindly and turn out very effective to protect us as well.
I received the Totobobo mask as a surprise gift during a friend's party. It's so practical, really love it🥰.
Sharing this only after trying it myself. Origianl post here

Random Name

Dr. Anil

I had Whooping cough as a child and this had affected my lungs. Whooping cough can destroy the “cilia” or tiny hairs along the bronchus/brochioles and this can make it difficult to clear mucus. This means people like me are more prone to infections or flu or other respiratory tract infections.
I have been using Totobobo mask since 2010 and find it useful in flu prevention, hayfever and now for prevention from COVID-19. Letter from Dr. Anil Simhadri, London

Random Name

Shape it, ReShape it until it fits!

What the media says..

"Most important thing is "the fit." Make sure masks fit against your face, preventing air gaps."

Wall Street Journal

"The Totobobo mask captured a lot of dirt after just a 10 KM run."

BBC News

"The astonishing amount of dirt shows on the filters really hits home how dirty the air we breathe in is."

The Guardian

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Frequestly asked questions:

The recommended duration for Totobobo filters varies based on their application. For air pollution, it is advised to change filters every two weeks or when the filter changes color from white to mid-grey, as indicated in the packaging image. When used for virus protection in low-risk areas like shopping malls, offices, and public transport, the filters should be replaced after one week of normal use. However, in high-risk areas such as crowded hospitals or clinics, immediate filter replacement is recommended after each use.

The Totobobo mask differs from a standard (NIOSH) N95 mask, presenting both advantages and disadvantages. According to a peer-reviewed study conducted by the Prince of Wales Hospital, the Totobobo mask demonstrates a better fit for a larger percentage of people (70%) compared to the N95 mask (40%), highlighting its effectiveness in providing protection. However, it's worth noting that when both masks are well-fitted, the N95 mask offers a higher level of protection than the Totobobo, scoring 193 versus 133, with 100 being the passing mark.

The Totobobo mask is available in two sizes: Large and Medium/Small. The Large size is generally suitable for most men, while the Medium/Small size, which is essentially the same mask, is designed for most women. For children, the same mask can be trimmed to a smaller size. To quickly determine your size, refer to the Size chart. For a more precise size estimation, you can download and print the template provided to create a simple paper dummy mask. This allows you to physically check and compare the fit of both sizes.

The Totobobo mask does not cause interference with spectacles (glasses) due to its thin and lightweight design, allowing it to closely follow the nose profile.

Users commonly report using their Totobobo mask regularly for two years or more, which equates to approximately 600 uses. With proper maintenance, some users have even reported using the same mask for over five years.

The TOTOBOBO mask incorporates Silver ion, an anti-virus agent that hinders bacterial and viral growth on its surface. For non-contagious scenarios, it is considered safe to reuse the mask after letting it sit in a clean environment for 24 hours. However, if there's a potential for contamination with contagious viruses or bacteria, or if the mask is used in critical areas like a clinic, disinfection is necessary before reuse. Regardless, it's advisable to wipe the mask clean after each use as sweat and facial oils can degrade the plastic over time.

To disinfect the mask, you can wash it with soap and rinse it with water, similar to washing your hands. Alternatively, alcohol wipes can be used for disinfection. In situations where obtaining a replacement filter is challenging, the filters can be disinfected with UV-C light to prolong their useful life. Additional details can be found here.

Quick wash, dry fast


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