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Where to buy Totobobo Mask?

All our official resellers and dealers are listed in this page.

Do you have a physical shop in Singapore?
We don't have our own physical shop. But you can buy Totobobo mask in Medic Drugstore at Tanjong Pager Plaza:
Medic Drugstore Pte Ltd
Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-26/27
Singapore 082001
Tel: 62244842
Totobobo( at) medicdrugstore.com


girl with sensitive nose wearing Totobobo mask

What are the unique features of Totobobo mask?
The unique features of Totobobo mask are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and ease of use to everyone, including children.
  1. World's first customizable mask.
  2. Transparent, seal check is easy and accurate
  3. Very flexible and comfortable to the skin, superior fit due to the SoftTech material.
  4. By far the lightest reusable respirator. Weight only 20 grams.
  5. Super elastic strap, most comfortable and durable.
  6. Reproduction of bateria or virus is prohibited on the surface of the mask,thanks to the anti-virus additive.

Why is Totobobo mask customizable?
To ensure your protection. If the size is wrong, the fit is poor and the protection of a respirator mask is compromised. Research shown most N95 masks are only able to fit less than 40% of people. Totobobo can be customized to fit anyone from 5 years old onward. To ensure the size fit we even go one step further- you can download our "Simulator" to test if the mask fit the size of your face!

How does the transparent mask help to check the seal?
Being able to see through the mask and observe how it is touching the face increases the reliability of seal check dramatically. Typically around 30% of users wrongly predicted their mask fit. In the case of Totobobo, the accuracy of the "Visual Seal check" is more than 90%.

How long does the anti-virus agent last?
The TOTOBOBO anti-virus agent lasts for the entire product lifetime.

Is the anti-virus property affected by washing or disinfection?
The anti-virus agent is embedded in the mask body, it will not be washed off or rubbed off from the mask.

Does the mask interfere with spectacles?
TOTOBOBO mask does not interfere with spectacles (glasses), because it is very thin and light weight which can follow the nose profile closely.

What is the largest (and smallest) face size that TOTOBOBO can fit?
TOTOBOBO mask can fit most adults right out of the package. It can also be trimmed to fit smaller faces such as those of children and Asian female. The face-length (distance from eye-level to chin bottom) it can fit is from 83mm to 128mm.

How many times can you reuse the mask?
You can reuse the mask many times if you use it and keep it with care. We have customers reported using the mask regularly for two years and is still using it. In normal usage condition there should not be any issue to reuse the mask for over 100 times.

Will the strap lose the elasticity after many times of reuse?

Unlike the cheap strap of disposable mask, the TOTOBOBO super elastic strap is made of a very pure ingredient. It can endure well over 5000 times of stretches without damage.

I am allergic to rubber, is the strap made of rubber?
The strap contains no rubber, or any other irritant substances. It is safe to contact the human body.

Totobobo Filters

What are the differences between 96%, 94% and anti-pollution filter?

96% filter
Extra high level of protection while being easier to breath than typical N95 filter.
Contains electro-static charges and is highly effective to trap fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron. The filtration efficiency is at least 96%. 10 paris in sealed ziplock bag.
This is our highest performance filter and is also suitable for blocking airborne pathogens such as virus and bacteria.

94% filter
Easy to breathe while maintaining high level of protection.
Contains electro-static charges and is highly effective to trap fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron. The filtration efficiency is at least 94%. 10 paris in sealed ziplock bag.
This is the best general purpose filter, also our best seller.

Anti-pollution (92%) filter
Most economic, high efficiency for everyday use.
Contains electro-static charges and is highly effective to trap fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron. The filtration efficiency is at least 92%. Typically each pair of filter last for 1 week in polluted cities. (based on 1 hour use per day, 6 days per week). 20 paris in sealed ziplock bag.
This is the econormic general purpose filter, high value for money.
How long does the filter last?
The effective usage time of the filter depends on a number of factors: Concentration of contamination Breathing rate Heat Humidity Hygiene factors. These factors depend on your location and different environment. As a role of thumb, you should change the filters when the white filter turns grey. The filter should be changed before the particulate overloaded. On the other hand it is recommended a filter should not be used longer than 2 weeks, even there is no signs of color change.
More detail about the duration of use in Totobobo blog

Return policy

Respirator is a personal item, it cannot be returned once the package is open. Refund is only possible if you cancel the order before we send it out.

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