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It is always more important to hear what uses say about a product than listening to the manufacturer. Here are some great links from others sites talking about the Totobobo mask:

Reviews of Totobobo in reputable sites:

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Below is a collection of what the users have said about Totobobo mask. Wherever possible external reference (url) is inserted for easy reference.

Parents Say:
Debra Witte, author of www.freehelpforcancer.com – USA

Kayla, young girl,Totobobo mask help her to avoid common flu in crowded area with cancer

Kayla, young girl with cancer, Totobobo mask help her to avoid common flu in crowded area

Dabbie’s daughter Kayla was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is now cancer free.

Dabbie wrote to us said: Your mask is the ONLY mask that fits the way a mask should. It is also the most economical product on the market. The other masks are hot, poorly fitted and have to be replaced repeatedly. I love your product and keep one of the masks in my purse, in case it is needed for Kayla. I am never without it.
“Kayla has worn the Totobobo mask every day since January 2009 and she has not been sick in any way since that time. She attends school every day and no sickness. This despite still being immune compromised. The doctors said that her immune system will not recover from the chemo for another six months. Your mask is our safety net that has proven for us its workability. When Kayla did not have the mask and went to school she ended up in the hospital for two weeks, every month, for three months, totaling 45 days. With the mask -no sickness, no hospitalizations, no colds, nothing. Your mask is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!”

“One day I went to Kayla’s school and it seemed as if all the kids were sniffling and coughing. This was during Flu season. As usual because of your mask, Kayla stayed healthy the whole time!”

“I wish we knew about your mask last winter (2008) because Kayla got the flu from another patient in the hospital. I just was not prepared. This was a lesson for us.”

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Cyclist Say:

Ross, Lawyer and Cyclist advocate. Los Angeles, California, USA

SuperCool Totobobo mask in traffic

Ross cycling with Totobobo SuperCool mask in traffic

The SuperCool mask is great–hands down. I don’t work for Totobobo–nor am I paid to say this, and I’ve been using this mask for a few months now. I breathe in through my mouth, which is in the mask/filter, and out through my nose.
When I need to talk to other cyclists, I simply pull the mask down around my chin, then pull it back up when I ride on. The straps are very stretchy.
Since I am no longer exhaling into the mask, the fogging glasses issue has completely disappeared. Actually, I think I get a better seal with this smaller mask than I did the full one. And I find there is much less condensation collecting in the mask (no humid exhale within the mask), which means I do not need to wash the mask as often.

Big props to the company–who has seemed to design a great, simple product–and whose customer service has been very responsive and helpful. When I change out the filters they are visibly discolored–and I’m glad that at least some of that stuff that I otherwise would be breathing (dirt, pollution, particulate matter, brake shoe dust, etc.) is in the filter instead of in my lungs.

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Cyclist’s review

Wood worker:

Trusty Steve from Scrollsawwworkshop

Steve from Scrollsaw workshop

Steve from Scrollsaw workshop

I opened the package to find the plastic mask already fitted with filters and a supply of extra filters. The first thing I noticed was what looked like a delicate head strap. After a closer look it is actually quite durable. It’s obviously made from some high tech plastic. The strap is a single loop that goes around your neck through the mask and then over your head. There is a small clip that allows the mask to be tightened for a good seal. Because the strap is so thin it is very comfortable.

The body of the mask is also made from a transparent plastic. The transparency is actually a feature. When you put the mask on your face you can look in a mirror and see through the mask. This lets you see the seal where the mask contacts your face. The body of the mask is made to be trimmed for a perfect fit. A good seal is very important for dust masks. This one seals very well. In my opinion it is easier to get a good seal with the Totobobo than the Dust Bee Gone.

It’s also important that a dust mask be comfortable or you are less likely to wear it. The Totobobo might be slightly less comfortable than the Dust Bee Gone but not by much. After you get it trimmed the comfort is very good compared to most non-fitted masks on the market. I wore the mask for nearly an hour with no serious discomfort. The plastic body of the mask is very soft and feels good against your face. Breathing felt natural and like the Dust Bee Gone I had no fogging of my glasses. If you wear glasses and have worn other masks you will probably know how much trouble fogging is. The Totobobo and the Dust Bee Gone do a great job in this area.

“So far I like this mask. This will probably be my go to mask for emptying my dust collector. I get a large amount of dust in the air during the process and this mask seals better than my Dust Be Gone. If it filters the dust as well as I think it will then I might give this mask a slight edge over the Dust Bee Gone.”


Brenda Boylan, Pastel Artist and Blogger, USA
Wearing Totobobo mask while making pastel art

Protecting my lungs from the airborne pastel dust is serious business. I’ve tried heavy ventilators and they don’t fit my small featured face. I’ve tried 3M, and a few other disposable face masks, but it seemed like they were not protecting me enough. For my own health I searched high and low for a small, comfortable, and highly effective filter and found another pastel artist, Paula Ford using a Totobobo. Artist’s are always at risk by their mediums, especially soft pastel dust! I wanted to bring this up because recently my favorite online blogger friend Loriann underwent lung surgery and so I wanted her to see that she too, can continue working in pastel! I still have to gently wipe up any remaining dust with a damp rag to keep from getting airborne. I’m not sponsored by Totobobo, but I certainly do encourage pastel artists to check them out for their own health.

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Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge) MRCP (London) from UK

Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge)

Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge)

I am a doctor /physician in the UK at UCL, and bike daily in london to work using totobobo mask. I also suffer from asthma using a ventolin inhaler. I have been using totobobo masks since feb 2010 when I placed my first order and find them very useful. My cycling performance with regard to speed of cycling has improved. Previously I might cycle 6 miles in 1 hour. Now I cycle 6 miles in 50 minutes. Totobobo mask helps improve my control of asthma. Asthma is a disease of airway hyper-responsivesness. The tracheal airways are hyper-responsive to various triggers. Pollutants in the air as in inner city london can trigger the airways to constrict or narrow. Totobobo masks prevent these pollutants reaching the airways and so help remove the “trigger” for asthma.

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