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The best pollution mask fits children

Totobobo mask perfect for children

Totobobo mask perfect for children

Worlds first fitting mask for children

World’s first fitting mask for children

“Totobobo mask is far superior to any other mask on the market. Period!”


Kayla, with her Totobobo mask on

7 years girl Kayla, fighting Leukemia with the support from her mother Debbie

“Your mask is the ONLY mask that fits the way a mask should. It is also the most economical product on the market. The other masks are hot, poorly fitted and have to be replaced repeatedly. I love your product and keep one of the masks in my purse, in case it is needed for Kayla. I am never without it.”

Debbie Witter,USA Free help for cancer

World’s first fitting mask for children

TOTOBOBO is the first fitting mask designed with the need of children in mind. It can be cut to fit children aged 5 and above. It may fit younger kids depends on individual face size. The reusable mask is made of a special anti-virus and softy plastic material.

L. P. – Ontario, Canada
I have tried the TOTOBOBO mask a few times and I like it very very much, it compare well or better than my previous North half mask. The only thing I might change about it is to make the strap a bit wider as it kind of cuts into my face a bit. I love the flexability of being able to use it for my children. It’s difficult to find anything in a smaller size and with cold and flu season upon us it is a useful tool when someone is sick here! Thanks and I am considering ordering more!

Thomas Eric Johnson Ph.D – Thailand, Bangkok
My son and I cough and suffer from pollution in Bangkok. Other parents at his school think he is sick all the time, but when he comes home and is in a clean room, he stops coughing. We received the masks and my wife trim it to fit our son. You know what, the mask did fit! I used a 3M mask before but the TOTOBOBO is more flexible and it fits children as well. I could not find any other mask that would fit him. The TOTOBOBO works fine. Our son wares it regularly when the weather is dry and dust and pollution increases.

Joe Flynn – San Diego, USA
“The TOTOBOBO masks fits my small child well. I requested them after the wildfires here in San Diego – I could find adult masks here in the US, but none to fit a child.

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How to’s

How to customize TOTOBOBO mask for your children?

How to wash TOTOBOBO mask for reuse?

How to check the mask-to-face-seal without fit-test equipment?

Download Totobobo mask simulator to check if it fit your kids

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  • suzanna 2020-03-21, 4:09 am

    can it be fitted for a two year old against covid 19 ?

    • FC 2020-03-21, 5:31 am

      Totobobo mask can fit children from 5 years old onwards.
      I think Totobobo mask is too big for 2 years old.

  • Jazzie 2020-01-17, 1:00 am

    Can it be use for volcano ashes and sulfur smell

    • FC 2020-01-17, 11:48 am

      Hi Jazzie, our filters are good for cutting down particles but not gases. It is certainly effective for volcano ashes. However, for the sulfur smell, it may not effective if the smell is due to gas.

  • Peter Williams 2017-01-29, 6:55 am

    I am looking for an emergency respirator for my toddler. What is the filtration offered in your Totobob mask?

    • FC 2018-02-05, 12:30 pm

      Hi Peter, Totobobo mask is able to fit children from 5 years old, sometimes even 2.5 years old depends on individual face size. But it would not be able to fit toddler.

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