The Bangalore test

“Rohan is glad that the dirt is collected on the filter, not in his lung.”

used filter (200km) vs new

Used filter (200km) vs new

Rohan Kini, an online bicycle shop owner in Bangalore, India, was testing a new pollution mask. After 200 km of bicycling in the city, he was very impressed with the performance of a new mask call TOTOBOBO from Singapore and decided to carry it in his shop.

The air pollution in London is nowhere near Bangalore standards. However, riding in heavy traffic can damage the respiratory system. The question is: How does one know if a pollution mask is needed or not?

The latest TOTOBOBO mask won’t be able to tell that in advance. But you can be pretty sure when it does the job – simply by checking out the color of the filters. The filter will turn into a distinguish dirty gray to signal that it’s time to change the filters.

The mask is ergonomically designed to fit the majority of faces, from adult down to children of age 5! The secret is in a world’s first “customizable” feature which allows you to trim the mask smaller if it is too big for you.

This reusable, flat folding little gadget may just be the right thing to keep in your pocket when you brave the urban traffic.

more:� BumOnTheSaddle

PS. Totobobo filter uses special electro-static charge to collect even sub-micron dust.


TOTOBOBO and cycling

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