Totobobo mask for air traveller

Hi! Ever wondered why it’s easy to fall sick after a long Flight? Crowded cabin, enclosed spaces and airborne virus or bacteria are some of the causes, however, the most significant cause is the weakening of our Immune System due to extremely dry air!
At Low Humidity, your Mucus dries up, creating a favourable environment for Germs and Viruses to grow in!
Scientific study shows every 1 out of 5 Passengers complains of falling sick after flights! If you are one of them, you should carry along our Totobobo Mask with you for your future Flights. Our Masks does not only protect you from the Viruses around you but also provides your respiratory system with a healthy level of Humidity!

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All respiratory masks suck. Except for this one

By Ian Chow / 2013-11-13
Source: Explorations

I’m not a man to give reviews very easily, unless it was bad… or spectacularly amazing. And this one is it, amazing. I’m talking about the Totobobo Mask, of course.

After a few years of use, it was about time I had written something more significant.

My Criterias: Light, Not hot, breathes easy, and non invasive
When I was still working in South Korea, spring time was also a time for a phenomenon called “Yellow Dust“. Fine particles of sand specs picks up from the Gobi desert, collects air pollution as it travels through China and then dumps it in Korea. This can also last throughout the summer. Needless to say, I got sick a lot during the spring. Finally, I had enough and decided to look for a good mask. My criteria was that 1) Was light 2) Not hot 3) Breathes really easily 4) Non-invasive

Climbing with Totobobo mask

Climbing with Totobobo mask

You can rock climb with it!
After searching awhile online, reading reviews, I found that most other masks were lacking in atleast one of these criterias. Some were made of neoprene, some were “good” but once the filter goes on, it’s very hard to breath, and some were just a huge thing in your face. Just as I was about to give up, I found Totobobo Mask.

They matched all my criteria.

This mask is incredibly light. You can even mash it up, fold it in your pocket and carry it around with you. No harm will come to this mask.

Not hot
Despite scorching 36 degrees and 110% humidity, the mask doesn’t make it any hotter when you breath into it. Ok, a little bit, but despite that I’m a sweaty guy, (I use a sweat band that channels sweat instead of a sweat absorber in high cardio exercises in the summer) the mask doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

Breathes Easy
Yeah, as I said, I do lots of sports outdoors. And so breathing hard into this mask is no problem. The air flow doesn’t really slow down. It does a bit, but not that significant.

Once I got it, I started wearing it riding my bike to work. And wouldn’t you know, I didn’t sound like someone who had been smoking for 10 years and you can see the physical debris of dirt that gets caught up in the filters. Not only do I ride my bike with it to work, I also rock climbed with it. It never got in the way.

After using it for biking and rock climbing, I had brought it to India and Nepal. Even just sitting in the rickshaws in Nepal for 20 minutes, I had realized my mask is completely filthy and needed a filter change. With good foresight, I had bought a lot of filters.

Some other cool features?

30 minutes in a can in Kathmandu, Nepal

30 minutes in a can in Kathmandu, Nepal

How good are these filters? Well, if you don’t know what N95 is, that is pretty much the standard for “The American National Standard for Air Purifying Respiratory”. This means it filters out practically every airborne pollution, which refers to 95% of the pollution. Also, I ended up getting N96 filters too!

Changeable filters, renewable everything! Less waste!
Unlike other masks where you have to throw out the entire thing and get a new one, Totobobo only throws out the filters. This produces a lot less garbage and being environmentally aware, I feel a lot less guilty doing this. To be honest, I didn’t think this was a thing I’d really like about it, but it has grown on me. Recently doing lots of construction work, I’ve been throwing out and purchasing a lot more face masks than I feel was necessary. This changed everything

In a nutshell
Get it. My lungs and health significantly got better, you can see the pollution being filtered out, it’s not invasive, not hot, light, easy to wear and reusable. There are so many pro’s about this one filter! I’m very happy with it and you should totally get one, by clicking right here!


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Travel advices for asthmatic after the Iceland Eyjafjallajokul volcano eruption

“I’m traveling to London with my girl and I’d like to be prepared for any†volcanic ash needs.”

Murray Kohlhaas is planning a week long trip to Europe and doesn’t want to take any chance with her asthmatic daughter.

parent see through the mask to check face seal

Clear mask allows parent to check the face for child seal easily

The volcanic dust can cause acute asthma attack if the concentration is high. In addition to the inhaler and medicine Murray purchased a transparent mask called†TOTOBOBO for her daughter. She stumbled on this mask when she was reading a website call†free help for cancer.

“This mask is recommended by the parents of cancer patient, and cyclists in most polluted cities use it.† I can count on it to protect my girl.”

The†World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised travelers suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders to wear masks or stay indoors to avoid potential hazards caused by the recent volcanic ash from Iceland. The effects will begin to sink in when the ash descends and falls on countries across Europe. Analysis of the ash estimated that about 25% of the particles are less than 10 microns in size, which is more dangerous because they can penetrate deeper into the lungs, according to Dr Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and Environment Department at WHO.

Eyjafjallajokull volcano Plume

Eyjafjallajokull volcano plume in Iceland

Travelers with condition of asthma or other respiratory disorders should seek advice from doctors and observe the following precautionary measure:

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to ash or pollution.
  • Wear a mask if need to go outside. The mask should form a good seal on your face.
  • Keep inhalers and medications at hand.
  • Wear goggles or glasses. Avoid using contact lens.
  • Keep a record of allergens in case of emergency.

Pollution inside – Bus vs Plane

“It’s the best mask I’ve tried so far.”

Allan Hansen – Califonia, USA

Allan Hansen, CA, USA

Allan Hansen, CA, USA

Allen travel a lot and want to protect himself when he is in cities with heavy air pollution. He tried the TOTOBOBO mask and it appears to be the best mask he has tried so far. He ordered a bunch for his family because TOTOBOBO mask can fit the small faces of his children too.

As a traveler, pollution can exit in the most unexpected place. If it is not because of my previous research for a post (Say no to to pollution in school bus). I wouldn’t suspect there can be polluted air circulating inside a deluxe, aircond tourist coach.

Two weeks ago I took a SVIP coach from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. The seats inside this coach are large and the back can be lowered to almost flat- just nice for a good night sleep. The soft velvet feels comfy but I was curious to find out the air quality inside the bus.

I put on my mask during the overnight trip. We were required to get off the bus when crossing the border, and there were a couple of pee-stops during the night. I took off my mask when I need to get out of the bus and put it back on when I am getting back in.

After 6 hours of use

After 6 hours of use

When we reach Cameron Highland it was 7am in the morning, I was shocked to discover the gray patch collected on the filters- a clear indication of air pollution inside the coach, most likely from itís own engine! The air quality along the route up Cameron Highlands at that time should be very clean.

To make sure I was not making this up, I decided to compare the result on a plane trip. I put on the mask with a clean set of filters on a business trip to Frankfurt. When I reach there after 12 hours, I can not see any noticeable sign of dirt. To be very sure about this, I put the same mask on during my flight back. Now it accumulated a total 24 hours of use in the plane. Judging from the color of the filter it is still very clean.

My conclusion? The air inside that coach is MUCH worst than the air inside the plane. It seems the air filter on plane is much more effective than those on buses, if the buses have any air filter at all.

24 hours of use in a plane

24 hours of use in a plane

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