Give cyclist a Safety Wing

Riding in Seoul with a safety cyclist wing
Riding in Seoul with a safety cyclist wing

A conceptual work as mentioned by UrbanVelo.
Cyclist safety is one of the main concern that stop potential cyclist to choose bicycle as a mode of transportation.
Many drivers, even some cyclist, believe cyclist enjoy the road at the expenses of road tax paying car-owners.
The “Cyclist Wing” enhance cyclist visibility and safety on the road. From the driver’s perspective, the “Wing” makes cyclist becomes 300% more visible, and therefore easier to avoid.
“Safety by number” is an important factor supported by a huge body of research finding. More cyclist = more safety for cyclist .
The “Wing” makes the visual population of cyclist in any city increased to 300% with the same number of cyclists. Driver need to drive more carefully due to the apparent increase number of cyclists on the road.

With the air-cleaning function of the “Wing”, cyclists make a tangible contribution to the environment, at the same time return the right-of-way to cyclist.
it is also a subtle reminder of the harmful pollution from cars. The “Wing” earn the right-of-way for cyclist from a social perspective.

The “Wing” will help to tilt the favor towards cyclists and turn more potential cyclist into real cyclist.

Do you think the air-cleaning-cyclist-wing concept can work in your city?

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Seoul Cycle Design competition 2010

If you love cycling, you may be interested in this bicycle design competition open to everyone in the world, from Seoul, Korea. There are three categories to be considered:
Bicycle, Accessories and Infrastructure design.
There is a total of 46,000 USD prize money to be won.

Seoul bicycle design competition, 46,000 USD to be won!
46,000 USD to be won!

The Objective of Seoul Cycle Design Competition

cycling with design : SEOUL style
The Seoul Cycle Design Competition awaits your brilliant ideas that would make Seoul a dynamic and sustainable cycling city, a metropolis where people of all ages could safely enjoy cycling.
The 6 key phrases suggested below describe the specific orientation of the Seoul Cycle Design Competition to realize its objective.

Ideas of design that reflect the environmental features of Seoul .
Bicycle design that reflect the characteristics of Seoul’s geography, climate, road conditions, etc.

Bicyle as an eco-friendly man-made device .
Bicycle that not only is free from use of fossil fuel for riding but that also uses methods
which are environmentally sustainable in the course of its discard and maintenance .

Bicycle design that make people participate.
Bicycle with a completed aesthetic that makes people want to ride Styling of bicycle-related accessories.

Design that contribute to the progress of Bicycle business in Seoul.
High-end, specialized cycle design that could create high value added business in cooperation with Bicycle
business in Seoul .

Bicycle system that utilize the cutting-edge infrastructure.
Suggestion of a futuristic and effective bicycle system which make the best use of the IT
infrastructure of Seoul that boasts its highest technology in information and communication.

Introducing design of international level and raising issues
Making aware of the international issue of green transportation and discovering a design trend that satisfies
both the codes of Seoul and the world.

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