Mike Mc Carthy and his experience with SuperCool mask

Mike Mc Carthy and his Totobobo SuperCool mask

Finding a suitable air filter mask for cycling is often not an easy task. Cycling posts many challenges to mask wearing: restriction of air flow, uncomfortable heat built up inside the mask, uncomfortable straps, goggle fogging, or the extra bulk to carry when the mask in not being used. I hope the following post will be able to help some of you out there, if you are looking for a suitable mask to protect your lung while cycling in air pollution so common in modern cities.

Our big thanks to Mike Mc Carthy for generously sharing his experience of searching and using Totobobo SuperCool mask for cycling. Mike first bought a SuperCool mask based on his research on internet. Following is his comments as the time goes by.

2012-09-28 Mike left a note when he bought his first Totobobo mask
I am a cyclist in a large city and the pollution can sometimes be a killer, I did try another mask that also covered my nose but it just so easily fogged my glasses up (As well as costing a lot more!) On an internet search I found Totobobo mask and I like the price as well as the fact that it leaves your nose uncovered, cycling with a mask and un-fogged glasses will be a luxury!

2012-10-06 Mike received and quickly tested with his SuperCool mask
Took delivery of my “cycle” mask yesterday and tried it for the first time today – was a short cycle, 12Km. just 35 minutes on my bike was amazed to see it had already discolored from that short time. Can’t imagine how bad it will get after 2 or 3 hours of City riding.
I am still not satisfied with the fit, maybe takes a while to get used to, don’t want to do too much cutting (And do please cut carefully and cautiously). Another upside for me was the mask also stops you from breathing dry air, their is some condensation to take the dry cut out of the air – I like that.
Design simplicity – Yes.
Functionality – Yes.
Fashionable – NO !
I doubt I will ever cycle again without it!

2012-11-19 Mike’s further feedback after 6 weeks of using SuperCool mask for cycling in Nagoya, Japan
As a cyclist, I been using the mask now for about 6 weeks and am very happy, it definately cuts down on the amount of pollutants one breathes in, and now that the air is much colder and drier (Nagoya Japan) a huge bonus for me is the fact that it cuts down on that cold dry air going straight into my lungs, the mask seems to warm the air up and moistens it cutting down on the cold dryness.
The only problems I had were minor – I cut too much away from the nose part – so cut slowly and carefully, also I hated the head straps – two of them that went around the back of my head, so I changed them so I could loop over my ears and are pre adjusted, very comfortable now!

I also regret not having ordered 2 sets of this mask – I want to keep one at my work place. Another order in the works. I got to say thanks for making a reasonably priced and extremely functional mask.

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While the footage of the devastating triple-disaster (Earthquake, Tsunamis, Reactor leak) in Japan dominate the international media and our TV screen, it is difficult to imagine life goes on in some other parts of Japan. At one point some even believe that the radioactive dust has reached Hong Kong and soon to Singapore and therefore everyone should stock up Betadine. It is hard not to over react when the media keep feeding the dome news.

Over the last week, we have the privilege of hosting a student, Keisuke, from Fukuoka, Japan. The group of Japanese students were on a mission of cultural exchange between Singapore and Japan, called APCC mission. Through the faces of this group of cheerful, innocent students, I started to appreciate the resilient characters of human nature. Life has to go on and we just have to deal with the situation at hand, step by step: Rescue, Rebuild, and Rethink how to reduce our energy footprint in the future.

Say hi to the camera, Little India, Singapore

Say hi to the camera, Little India, Singapore

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

See? my hand

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

APCC mission: Japanese student with Singapore host

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

Cool right?

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka

APCC mission: Japanese student with Singapore host

APCC mission: Japanese student from Fukuoka


For the month of April, 15% sales of Totobobo mask from Japan address will be donated to the Red Cross and Merci Relief to help their effort in Japan. More detials in flyjin.com

Retail outlet in Japan

Cycleland is a bike shop along Tinjing Bashi-suji in Osaka city. There are two shops of the same names located next to each other. The one under the train station bridge sells children and common bicycles. The other one just outside of the bridge sells high-end minivelo and fixies. Many cool accessories and Totobobo mask is sitting right in the middle of all the cools stuffs.

Naniwa Houkan Sport-Kan
1-25, Naniwa, Kita-Ku
Osaka city 530-0022, Japan
Tel: 06-6375-3374
Fax: 06-6376-2216

Cycleland Naniwa Houkan

Cycleland, Totobobo reseller in Osaka, Japan

Totobobo mask on the shelf

Totobobo mask in Cycleland, Osaka, Japan

google map

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For resell inquiry in Japan, please contact:
fi corporation
Room 108, 3-1-17, Sakae-machi, Takarazuka-city,
Hyogo 665-0845, Japan.
Tel : +81-797-83-6730
Fax : +81-797-83-6758
e-mail : fi_corporation (at) work.odn.ne.jp
web : http://ficorp.co.jp/

‘Pollen Radar’ on iPhone

[gizmag] Japanese company Up-Frontier has developed an iPhone application that will provide a pollen forecast for individuals prone to allergies and hay fever. Through working with the Japan Weather Association and their Weather API, the application can access the latest pollen count on their iPhone. The information can even be shared with friends on Twitter.

Cleverly named ‘Pollen Radar’, the app is currently available in the app store for 115 yen (or approximately US$1.25).

use Pollen Radar to check if you need to bring a mask before venturing outdoor

Should I bring a mask today? Check the -Pollen Radar- on your iPhone

This is a promising example of the sort of applications that can be developed when organizations take a more open approach to releasing their data. Like most countries Japan is slow getting on the open data bandwagon, but it’s good to see steps like this being made.

For people who do suffer from hay fever the release of this application is very timely, of course, as spring is almost upon us. It will certainly be useful to be able to access the latest pollen counts from a mobile device. In Japan, it could help people decide whether to take a walk outside if the pollen count is not too bad, or opt for public transportation if it is.

Singapore mask hits 20th country

Sunday, March 08, 2009, is not only the International Women’s day, it is also a new milestone for Totobobo mask-the Singapore designed and produced respirator mask has been sold to 20 countries across Asia, Europe and America!

The milestone order was received from Israel at 3:23am in the morning.

“I am surprised that my order makes Israel a new country for the Totobobo mask to reach, because cycling is becoming quite popular here. I reckon that I will be the first of many others, once they see me with your mask.” said Ralph Dobrin in an email. “Jerusalem, where I live, has quite a lot of vehicular pollution. I use a bicycle as transportation. Surprisingly none of the dozen bicycle shops here stock masks. So, I surf the net, and Totobobo mask seemed the wisest choice in every way.”

Recent visitors of Totobobo mask

Recent visitors of Totobobo mask

“While the total volume is still small, the trend is very promising.” said Sharon Li, the managing director. “Over the past 12 months, our monthly website traffic has increased by 300% and more importantly our monthly sale has expanded by 500%! More and more new customers are referred by their friends and relatives.”

The key applications of this 100g ultra lightweight reusable mask include cycling (+motorcycle) wood turning, as well as allergens & flu prevention.

Most wood turners and cyclists are impressed by the ease of use, wearing comfort and the effectiveness of the filters:

“The Totobobo mask is so easy to wear and comfortable that I forget I am wearing the mask. It is absolutely incredible how much dust particles the filters will pick up. I think it is the best thing you can use to protect your lungs.” said Bob Edwards from Texas, who is an experienced wood turners and demonstrator at SWAT.

Other users, especially parents, appreciate the ease of customizing the mask for their children as well as the simple fit-check through the transparent body.

“My wife trims the Totobobo mask to fit our son. I could not find any other mask that would fit him. He wears it regularly when the weather is dry and dust and pollution increases.” Said Thomas Eric Johnson PhD – Thailand, Bangkok.

The Singapore invention was triggered by the SARS in 2003 when the inventor, Chu Wa was looking for a fitting mask to protect his sons.

“The recent cases of human bird-flu in Turkey also raised some concerns early this year. Because once a flu pandemic emerges, it will take at least 3 month to start work on a vaccine. Similarly, it takes time to develop and test a mask that can fit many people with different face shapes and sizes. I trust when the next flu pandemic hits, Totobobo mask will be ready to help protect people, especially children” said Chu Wa.

BBC News: Global impact of bird flu

BBC News: Global impact of bird flu

The 20 countries where Totobobo mask has reached so far includes:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, India, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Malta, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA.

Contact for media release: pr @ dreamlab1 . com

Contact for distributor enquiry: totobobomask @ gmail . com