Muhamadian using Totobobo mask in Jakarta

Muhamadian using Totobobo mask to cut down air pollution in Jakarta traffic

I have been commuting to work for almost about 10 years now and as you might be aware that Jakarta’s traffic is one of the heaviest in the world and consequently the pollution. Therefore wearing a mask is a necessity , I have tried not wearing one for a few days and  got very heavy cough emanating from my chest/lung.

I have tried a few masks but the main problem with most of them is the fact that I find it hard to breathe until I found Totobobo and I never looked back. Totobobo might not look sturdy but looks can deceiving, if you use it properly the mask last for a long time. I like the design of the small/petit mask so I am hoping Totobobo produce the same design for the large one in the future.

Kevin’s five years old Totobobo mask from Indonesia

As the designer of Totobobo mask, I always enjoy reading feedback from Totobobo mask users. Positive message enhances our confident of the direction we’ve chosen, and criticism keep us on our toes and often opens up new possibilities for improvements.
Thanks to Kevin for allowing us to share his Facebook post here:

By Kevin Tanumihardja, 5 May, 2017

This Totobobo mask has been used for 5 years!

It all actually started with Google 😁
I found out about Totobobo when I was browsing for the best anti pollution mask as I caught sore throat and flu very often when I began to commute to my work.

However, that was all in 2012!! Yes, I have been using this mask since then.

The mask is very comfortable, strangely has no odour despite my laziness to clean it daily, and most importantly I can breathe normal in the highly polluted city of Jakarta.

The little downside is just the strap and its two little retainers. I mean, the strap is very comfortable, but it snapped at least once or twice a year. The retainers can be replaced with dental floss or rubber-band easily, but I cant seems to find a good comfortable replacement other than what Totobobo have (I even tried a transparent bra-strap 😂).

It seems that Totobobo have a new design that may seems to fix this strap problem, but I don’t know.
Well, I have been waiting for the mask to split into half just to try the new design, but it has been more than 5 friggin years with constant daily use!!!

All in all, a fantastic mask. Can’t live without it ever since I came back from the Netherlands to Jakarta.
More people in my country needs to know this stuff so they don’t have to stare with curious look on myself wearing the mask, and sometimes brave themselves to ask me to show them where they can have it from.
looking at the blacked filters is enough warning to your fellow citizens.

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TOTOBOBO Mask for every children of Merapi

Powerful eruption from Mount Merapi send out huge amount of smoke and ash on November 1, 2010. Photo by Sayoga

Powerful eruption from Mount Merapi send out huge amount of smoke and ash on November 1, 2010. Photo by Sayoga

Over the last several days, Totobobo Masks has been busy trying to collect all the masks possible to give all the children in Merapi, Indonesia. Totobobo masks can protect them from the volcanic ash spewed out by the recent eruption and save lives.

“One TOTOBOBO Mask for every children of Merapi” initiative is the brainchild of Mrs Sri Widowati (Wido). Initially all she could find were small surgical masks in Singapore. For those exposed to volcanic ash, containing large quantities of airborne particles, surgical masks are not very effective. Fortunately, her friend Simon found us online and put Wido in touch with Totobobo.

Visibility is only 10 meters in the northern ring road of Jojakarta

Visibility is only 10 meters in the northern ring road of Jojakarta

Only 10 meters visibility and everywhere covered with thick layers of volcanic ash. Photo by Sayoga

Visibility is low and everywhere is covered with thick layer of volcanic dust in Jojakarta. Photo by Sayoga

Within hours, a donation fund was announced on Widos Facebook campaign, and cash started pouring in. Aid surged in through her
social networks as news about the disaster unfolded. But another problem stood in the way: transportation. Sending the masks by DHL or
Fedex to Indonesia could take several days. Valuable time can be lost if it gets stuck in customs. The most reliable way is hand-carried by
person. If the masks do not reach Indonesian children immediately, they will suffer longer. Just when that seemed to be irresolvable,
Air Asia Indonesia offered to ship 350 masks and 3500 filters to Merapi

350 pieces of masks and 3500 of filters, to be sent by Air Asia.

350 pieces of masks and 3500 of filters, to be sent by Air Asia.

Special instruction and scissors provided

Special instruction and scissors provided

As of November 1st, Totobobo Masks had managed to collect 350 masks and 3500 filters. We prepared special instructions for customizing the mask for children and even included the scissors for trimming the masks to fit properly. From previous experience with similar
emergencies, we know that the ground staff have limited time and resources. The usefulness of the mask can be compromised if the
ground staff dont know how to customize the masks for the children, or if they cant find a suitable pair of scissors to do a good job. These little things seem trivial, but on site it can mean life or death.

Wido and her friend Din picked up the first 350 masks and 3500 pairs of filters on Friday, 29 October. They were on-board an evening Air
Asia flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta arriving the next day. According to the latest update from Widos Facebook, after some struggle through customs in Yogyakarta, all of the masks have been successfully delivered to the ground staff.

The volcano Merapi erupted again and everyone need a mask to cover their nose and mouth. Photo by Sayoga.

The volcano Merapi erupted again and everyone need a mask to cover their nose and mouth. Photo by Sayoga.

The volcano in Merapi erupted again yesterday, sending huge amounts of volcanic ash down the mountain. Totobobo masks for children is
desperately needed. We are trying our best to accelerate the production and delivery of masks in order to save the lives of Indonesians affected by this disaster. The donation account set up by Ms. Sri Widowati is still open to contribution. Please send your donation to the following account if you want to contribute, thank you.

Singapore Reusable Mask Hits 35 Countries


The TOTOBOBO Mask from the tiny red dot has officially become a worldwide phenomenon, providing respiratory protection to customers from 35 countries.

On February 14, 2010, the protective mask produced in Singapore has been sold in a whopping thirty-five countries worldwide. Since its inception in 2008, the company has expanded operations significantly, reaching this critical milestone just on the Valentine day. Customers across five continents, from Canada to New Zealand, have found the TOTOBOBO mask the best valued on the market.

Strong demand for the TOTOBOBO mask came from regular travelers in polluted cities and users with allergic rhinitis who want to avoid hay fever or other airborne allergens, as well as specialist users like cyclists and motorcyclists, woodworkers, artists and artisans, and parents concerned with their childrens health.

Customers worldwide are drawn to theappealing high-tech features found in the TOTOBOBO mask. The highly efficient filters, capable of keeping out all but a tiny fraction of particles smaller than .5 microns, provide unparalleled protection and breathing freedom.Replacement filters cost less than 1 dollar, by far the most economic replacement filter in the market, offers economy and convenience to a wide range of consumers.

Flags of the 35 countries






The comfortable fit of TOTOBOBO masks is unchallenged. The masks flexible design allows customization to fit the face as it should. The Visual-Seal-Check ensures a good respiratory seal that can not be matched by other masks. Users can check the seal through the transparent mask to make sure it works properly, making the VSC system more reliable than the alternative. Adriana Meiss of Syracuse, NY, commends the simplicity and efficiency of the TOTOBOBO mask, saying: This is the only mask Ive been able to get used to. I trim it smaller to produce a good seal. When it comes to breathability, Don, a pastel artist, says there seemed to be more air coming through the TOTOBOBO mask than the previous mask [3M 8210] I have been using.

Satisfied customers from around the world have sung the praises of the TOTOBOBO mask. Debbie Witter of wrote
Totobobo mask is the ONLY mask that fits the way a mask should. It is also the most economical product on the market. The other masks are hot, poorly fitted and have to be replaced repeatedly. I love your product and keep one of the masks in my purse, in case it is needed for [my daughter] Kayla. I am never without it.

Vasu Mishra of Bangalore, India

Vasu Mishra from Bangalor, India was so pleased with Totobobo mask and end up selling the mask in his bicycle blog shop : BumsOnTheSaddle.

Kayla from USA

Debbie Witte from USA, found Totobobo mask during her search for a better protective mask for her daughter, Kayla, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2008.

Mother and child from Mongolia wearing Totobobo mask

Mother and child showing off their new Totobobo mask, a critical defence against sand storm in the street of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

To cater for growing demand, folks in TOTOBOBO anticipate the introduction of a new anti-pollution mouth mask for cyclist and motorcyclist alike. This new product will be the first of many new designs to diversify applicability and expand protective mask usage to a greater market sector.
TOTOBOBO has made commendable advances since its commencement two years ago. With a expanding user base covering 35 countries, Totobobo mask is set for a faster growth in the coming few years.

The list of the 35countries:
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States


Indonesia cyclist share experience

Indonesia cyclist testing the street pollution by checking the Totobobo filter after riding in the traffic

Indonesia cyclist testing the street pollution by checking the Totobobo filter after riding in the traffic

Translation by Google:
In connection with the many discussions about air quality in Jakarta, moved their hearts to know how the hell the air quality in Jakarta this.
One day I bought a mask totobobo, and idly opened its website. In the website there totobobo blog written by two French people who travel around the world by bike, in every country where they singgahi mereke meberi lecture on air quality.

In the blog they will, they also compared the experience of cycling in the cities they pass by comparing how dirty totobobo filter masks they wore. Filter masks are compared after they were cycling for at least 6 hours in the cities they will be. In each city, they use a new mask filter, and so on. This reference links to his In this blog can be compared to a mask filter impurities used in India, Bangkok and China.

Inspired by the blog above, I conducted personally kecil2an test.
His tests conducted by:

-cycling and wear a mask for a month totobobo
-In the month is used as much as 4 times (3 times a day week, Saturday 1 times)
Cycling-Line: Tarogong – Jl Metro Pondok Indah – Jl. Margaguna – Jl Radio Dalam – Jalan Metro – Road sudirman – Jalan Thamrin – Monas – Thamrin Turn back again – so as to Tarogong again.
-Range biking: At 7 am left Jam – Best Jam Tarogong late until 9:30 in the morning. Every time Gowes time approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Well this is the result. Figure below shows the level of dirtiness of his two filter masks

dirty filters from Indonesia

dirty filters from Indonesia

Figure below shows a comparison between the new filter and that was used

clean vs dirty filter

clean vs dirty filter

The next image shows the inner defilements tinggkat filter (the filter is located inside the mask)

the inside of the filter

the inside of the filter

That is a personal test that I do. I’m not going to make any conclusions from the results they will be because I am not an expert on air quality. I leave assessment to friends as well

-Test is done by not using standard scientific methods you know about the air testing, therefore the results can not be used as a standard for judging that the test subject.
-This test is a personal test, not a formal test.


B2W launch Totobobo mask in Indonesia



Totobobo mask is launched today at the “Deep Indonesia 2009 – Indonesia’s 3rd International Diving, Adventure Travel & Water Sports Exhibition” at JHCC by Bike2Work Indonesia (B2W).

B2W was officially established in 2006 to encourage more people switch to bicycle for commuting. This is in response to the increasing negative impact of automotive transport to human life: including air pollution, traffic congestion and road death. B2W organization promotes bicycle as a better form of transportation.

The community of B2W has been growing rapidly over the last 2 years from 150 to now over 10,000. Among them are high ranking government officials and CEOs of large companies. Some of the prominent people are:
Fauzi Bowo (Wagub DKI Jakarta), Andi Mallarangeng Alifian (Spokesperson for the President), Kadiman Koesmayanto (Menristek), Rahmat Witoelar (Minister of LH) and the president Yudhoyono himself!

We are very pleased to be associated with an organization of such great integrity.

Singapore mask hits 20th country

Sunday, March 08, 2009, is not only the International Women’s day, it is also a new milestone for Totobobo mask-the Singapore designed and produced respirator mask has been sold to 20 countries across Asia, Europe and America!

The milestone order was received from Israel at 3:23am in the morning.

I am surprised that my order makes Israel a new country for the Totobobo mask to reach, because cycling is becoming quite popular here. I reckon that I will be the first of many others, once they see me with your mask. said Ralph Dobrin in an email. Jerusalem, where I live, has quite a lot of vehicular pollution. I use a bicycle as transportation. Surprisingly none of the dozen bicycle shops here stock masks. So, I surf the net, and Totobobo mask seemed the wisest choice in every way.

Recent visitors of Totobobo mask

Recent visitors of Totobobo mask

While the total volume is still small, the trend is very promising. said Sharon Li, the managing director. Over the past 12 months, our monthly website traffic has increased by 300% and more importantly our monthly sale has expanded by 500%! More and more new customers are referred by their friends and relatives.

The key applications of this 100g ultra lightweight reusable mask include cycling (+motorcycle) wood turning, as well as allergens & flu prevention.

Most wood turners and cyclists are impressed by the ease of use, wearing comfort and the effectiveness of the filters:

“The Totobobo mask is so easy to wear and comfortable that I forget I am wearing the mask. It is absolutely incredible how much dust particles the filters will pick up. I think it is the best thing you can use to protect your lungs.” said Bob Edwards from Texas, who is an experienced wood turners and demonstrator at SWAT.

Other users, especially parents, appreciate the ease of customizing the mask for their children as well as the simple fit-check through the transparent body.

My wife trims the Totobobo mask to fit our son. I could not find any other mask that would fit him. He wears it regularly when the weather is dry and dust and pollution increases. Said Thomas Eric Johnson PhD – Thailand, Bangkok.

The Singapore invention was triggered by the SARS in 2003 when the inventor, Chu Wa was looking for a fitting mask to protect his sons.

The recent cases of human bird-flu in Turkey also raised some concerns early this year. Because once a flu pandemic emerges, it will take at least 3 month to start work on a vaccine. Similarly, it takes time to develop and test a mask that can fit many people with different face shapes and sizes. I trust when the next flu pandemic hits, Totobobo mask will be ready to help protect people, especially children said Chu Wa.

BBC News: Global impact of bird flu

BBC News: Global impact of bird flu

The 20 countries where Totobobo mask has reached so far includes:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, India, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Malta, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA.

Contact for media release: pr @ dreamlab1 . com

Contact for distributor enquiry: totobobomask @ gmail . com