Not getting a good fit? “ReShape” your Totobobo mask to get the perfect fit!

Heat moulded Totobobo mask
Heat moulded Totobobo mask

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Some users feedback that it would be nice to add a nose clip to Totobobo mask, especially for people with prominent nose feature. These users experienced a small gap next to their nose bridge. Many disposable masks comes with an integrated metal nose clip. You can use it to force the mask to “clip” your nose, this is useful to eliminate the small gaps next to the nose bridge. However metal nose clip is not a reliable long term solution for a reusable mask. Our tests have shown that after a limited times of bending, the metal clip will become fatigued and easily broken.

The following video shows how to use  hot water (70°C max.) to mould a Totobobo mask, then use another bowl of cold water to freeze the new shape. This process can be repeated many times and therefore is a better long term solution than a metal nose clip.

The heat treatment can be applied to any parts of the mask (e.g. the chin). The possibilities are limitless. You may need to try moulding the mask several times to achieve the best fit.

“moulding” feature helps to improve protection and wearing comfort.

Better face fit = fewer gaps = better protection
PM2.5, the very fine airborne particles smaller than 2.5 microns that can be inhaled and travel deep into the lungs and enter the blood stream, causes micro inflammation and hardens the blood vessels. Recent studies discovered PM2.5 not only triggers lung and other diseases along the respiratory track, but also triggers cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Common surgical masks or even a poor fitting N95 mask won’t be much help, because airborne viruses or fine particles like PM2.5 can easily bypass the filter through the air gaps. Ensuring face fit is the first fundamental step towards respiratory protection.

Totobobo masks provides three key features to help you to obtain the optimal face fit and protection:

1) Sizing: Totobobo mask is the first and only mask that allows the user to cut to size. You don’t have to risk over cutting your mask. Download this template and test the size with a paper dummy first, before cutting the real mask!

2) Fine tuning with heat moulding: The heat moulding process makes it possible for you to fine tune the face-fitting of the mask. A small gap around the nose bridge or below the chin? No problem, just re-mould the mask and you can eliminate or at least minimize the gaps. You can re-mould the mask as many times as you want. Remember don’t treat the mask with boiling water or you may destroy the mask! Use hot water around 80C instead.

Another point to note, a small gap occurs during exhaling does not affect the effectiveness of protection, and the leak can be beneficial because it helps to release the exhaust air. What you need to check is whether the seal is closed when you inhale, due to the negative pressure while inhaling. Ideally you would adjust the straps so that there are small gaps to speed up the exhaling due to the pressure.

3) Visual seal check: through the unique transparent mask you can check if the mask is touching the chin below and forming a good seal. If the seal is not optimal, you can fine tune the cut, the moulding or simply adjust the position and tension of the strap to get a better fit.

Wearing comfort

If a mask is not comfortable to wear, it won’t get used much and it won’t get much chance to function either.

The heat moulding process can make the mask follow your face profile closely. Therefore you can reduce the tension of the straps while still getting a good fit. Ideally you can adjust the tension to a minimum level to keep the mask on your face. When you exhale, the internal pressure pushes the mask outwards a bit and breaks the seal around the face, quickly releasing the exhaust. When you inhale the mask “sucks” to your face due to the negative pressure and the elastic strap, closing up the gaps and letting the air in only through the filters. The entire mask functions like a one-way valve, but without a physical valve. Some users describe this state as “The mask is breathing with me.”

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Advanced features of Totobobo mask

Totobobo simulator (free download)

Totobobo mask hits 25 countries

The recent H1N1 flu triggered a sudden sales increase for face masks and Totobobo, the first customizable face mask is now hitting 25 countries across the world. The reusable mask is more reliable than N95 masks in determining face seal and this feature is greatly appreciated by parents traveling with young children during this holiday season.

a teenage girl wearing Totobobo mask
a teenage girl wearing Totobobo mask

The current H1N1 flu triggered a sudden increase in sales of face masks and Totobobo, the first customizable face mask, is now hitting 25 countries across the world. This is a new milestone for the company, Dream Lab One, the producer of the Totobobo mask.

Travelers, cyclists, wood-turners and artists alike have found this reusable mask highly effective in blocking out polluted air and various irritants. Sales of this reusable mask has increased significantly and it has received rave reviews from users around the world.

“This mask may have saved my life. First, the mask is made out of a rubbery material, so it sticks naturally to your skin. After I found the perfect position on my face for my mask, I no longer have any problems with breathing…at all…period. My nose has cleared up, my eyes are no longer irritated, I don’t cough or sneeze at all anymore. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t fog my glasses! I hardly know I’m wearing it!” said Paula Ford, a satisfied Totobobo user and a pastel artist residing in Tennessee, United States.

Individuals who rely a lot on respiratory masks tend to live in environments that contain either polluted air or airborne disease pathogens. An effective mask helps to filter out polluted air and airborne virus. There are two conditions that determine whether a respiratory mask is effective. First, it needs to seal the wearer’s nose and mouth snugly. Second, the filter material must be able to filter out the smallest of particles.

“Money can buy high quality filters, but a good seal has been a hit-or-miss affair,” said Francis Chu, the designer of the revolutionary mask. His design provides a simple and intuitive solution call VSC (Visual-Seal-Check) for the user to check the face-seal.

Easy Visual-Seal-Check (VSC):
To ensure good respiratory seal, normal N95 mask users can only rely on their ability to feel the air-leak around their face. Such method is not reliable and sometimes it gives a fault sense of security. Francis believes his transparent mask allows users to check the seal intuitively and to ensure minimal seepage of polluted air.

To verify this, he sent the mask to a hospital and compared the Visual-Seal-Check (VSC) with the gold standard respirator fit-test, a high-end quantitative system called PortaCount from TSI Incorporated. The result showed strong correlation (90%) between the prediction of the Visual-Seal-Check (VSC) method and the result of the gold standard fit-test proving his intuitive method effective.

“The Visual-Seal-Check, or VSC, is much more reliable than the seal check found in other N95 masks. This study shows that face-seal can be determined simply by checking the seal through the transparent mask,” says Francis.

5 years old boy wearing Totobobo mask
5 years old boy wearing Totobobo mask

Over half of the recent orders are coming from parents traveling with children. They appreciate the possibility to customize the mask to fit their young children. With the VSC they are more reassured that their children are getting the optimal protection.

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N95 Masks Are Useless

The statement from Natural News seems extreme, but the key message is true:

“If it’s not air-tight, it’s not right!”

Putting on the mask is the easy half, the difficulty is to make sure it really seal your face. The air you breathe in should not by-pass the filter media and enter the breathing zone through any gaps.

In this aspect Totobobo mask ability to provide seal check visusally is unique amongst available respirators. You can ensure face seal simply by checking how the transparent mask touches your skin. If you need a bit of help, just use a wet cotton wool to moisturize your skin. As soon as the satin mask touches the skin, the semi-transparent color changes to total transparent instantly, giving you the confident that it is getting a good seal. The seal is consider complete if it makes a continous loop around your mouth and nose.
It may sound complicated but it can be done very quickly and is very intuitive.

More detail of Totobobo visual seal check can be found here: