Shocking filters from London bike2work trips


Mr. Richards is a Triathlete, trying and trying to qualify for the Ironman World Championships. He advocates clean air after seeing how quickly his Totobobo filters turn into dark grey from pristine white just after a few rides to work.

I was shocked when received the used filter from G. Richards. He collected the used filters last year and the results speak for itself – you don’t want this stuff, such as PM2.5, get into your lungs!

For those curious, here are some details of Mr. Richards’ Bike2Work route:

From February to July, 2014, from Leinster Gardens, across Hyde Park and finished at the other side of River Theme. A 35 minutes cycling each way.

From July to December 2014, from Leinster Gardens to Hanover Park, 20 minutes each way.

Mr. Richards found that his right-side filter alway turns darker than his left-side filter, because he rides close to the curb and traffic is always on his right. Each pairs of filters were used for two weeks for riding to and from work.

G.Richards-filters-2 G.Richards-filters-3

B2W launch Totobobo mask in Indonesia


Totobobo mask is launched today at the “Deep Indonesia 2009 – Indonesia’s 3rd International Diving, Adventure Travel & Water Sports Exhibition” at JHCC by Bike2Work Indonesia (B2W).

B2W was officially established in 2006 to encourage more people switch to bicycle for commuting. This is in response to the increasing negative impact of automotive transport to human life: including air pollution, traffic congestion and road death. B2W organization promotes bicycle as a better form of transportation.

The community of B2W has been growing rapidly over the last 2 years from 150 to now over 10,000. Among them are high ranking government officials and CEOs of large companies. Some of the prominent people are:
Fauzi Bowo (Wagub DKI Jakarta), Andi Mallarangeng Alifian (Spokesperson for the President), Kadiman Koesmayanto (Menristek), Rahmat Witoelar (Minister of LH) and the president Yudhoyono himself!

We are very pleased to be associated with an organization of such great integrity.