How to customize the Totobobo Large Mask?

One of the most unique features of the Totobobo Mask is the “Cut to size” feature. The original mask fits most adults except users with smaller faces, for example, women and children.

TOTOBOBO mask can be cut to size

Totobobo Mask is the world’s first customizable respirator. Other products are only available in one size, which only fits a particular age range or facial structure. For many, that is little that can be done to solve this problem. Totobobo Mask, on the other hand, is capable of being trimmed to fit a wide range of faces for optimal comfort and sealing. The mask fits most adults but can also be modified to fit children as young as 5 years old. Totobobo Mask is the most versatile Respirator on the market. Customizing the mask’s size is simple, just follow these steps:

What you need :

A clean pair of sharp scissors

A pair of clean hands

Firstly, you’ll have to determine how small you want the mask to be trimmed to. You can do a quick estimate by covering the mask over the user’s face, or better yet, get a Totobobo Simulator. If you’re uncertain of the exact size, we suggest you to trim the mask down a ring at a time. The mask should ultimately form a snug fit onto the face, but not too tight to hinder the comfort of the user.

Remember to measure twice before you cut.

Then, carefully cut the mask starting from the bottom ring. Follow the markings carefully and slowly cut through the mask. Trim any excess bits and test the size if necessary. The excess material that has been cut out can be disposed and the mask is ready for use.


Step 1 - start the cut from the bottom of the mask
1 – start the cut from the bottom of the mask
Step 2 - insert the scissors into one size of the opening
2 – insert the scissors into one side of the opening

Step 4 - turning around to the other side

6 - almost done
4 – make a loop to the starting point
7 - see! you've got your small mask now
5 – see! you’ve got your small mask now


Test the cut with a Totobobo mask simulator

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