How to adjust the Totobobo earloop strap?

Wearing a face mask which is too tight or loose can be uncomfortable over a period of time, thankfully with our earloop straps, they are extremely elastic so our users can adjust the length of the straps freely! 

Here are a few steps that you can follow in order to achieve your desired length.

For users who have a bigger head or wearing the mask over any accessories, they may wish to have a longer strap length. 

To do so :

  1. Tie the straps directly across, from the bottom tab to the top tab.
  2. If it is too loose for you, you may loop the straps around the tabs, both bottom and top evenly. (FINE TUNING)

For users who have a smaller face, like children or women, they may wish to shorten the strap to have a tighter fitment for the mask.

To do so :

  1. Lay the strap over the filter lock rings, then loop them onto the tabs, both bottom and top.
  2. If it has reached a somewhat desired length for the user, you can start to adjust it in small amounts by looping the strap around the tabs again, both bottom and top. (FINE TUNING)
  3. If it is still too long for the user, he/she can further shorten it. Unhook the strap from the bottom and top tabs, then criss cross the strap and hook them back onto the tabs, exchanging positions.
  4. After criss crossing the strap, you can start to adjust the length again by looping them around the tabs again. (FINE TUNING)

These are suggestions by us, after going through several tests and sampling, we have decided this is the most suitable method for adjust the length of the straps. Of course, if you found a better way to adjust the straps, feel free to do so! Our straps are highly elastic, they are able to withstand the stress from all the stretching that it has to undergo.

Here is a short video, displaying the adjustment procedure that we have suggested :