Indonesia cyclist share experience

Indonesia cyclist testing the street pollution by checking the Totobobo filter after riding in the traffic
Indonesia cyclist testing the street pollution by checking the Totobobo filter after riding in the traffic

Translation by Google:
In connection with the many discussions about air quality in Jakarta, moved their hearts to know how the hell the air quality in Jakarta this.
One day I bought a mask totobobo, and idly opened its website. In the website there totobobo blog written by two French people who travel around the world by bike, in every country where they singgahi mereke meberi lecture on air quality.

In the blog they will, they also compared the experience of cycling in the cities they pass by comparing how dirty totobobo filter masks they wore. Filter masks are compared after they were cycling for at least 6 hours in the cities they will be. In each city, they use a new mask filter, and so on. This reference links to his In this blog can be compared to a mask filter impurities used in India, Bangkok and China.

Inspired by the blog above, I conducted personally kecil2an test.
His tests conducted by:

-cycling and wear a mask for a month totobobo
-In the month is used as much as 4 times (3 times a day week, Saturday 1 times)
Cycling-Line: Tarogong – Jl Metro Pondok Indah – Jl. Margaguna – Jl Radio Dalam – Jalan Metro – Road sudirman – Jalan Thamrin – Monas – Thamrin Turn back again – so as to Tarogong again.
-Range biking: At 7 am left Jam – Best Jam Tarogong late until 9:30 in the morning. Every time Gowes time approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Well this is the result. Figure below shows the level of dirtiness of his two filter masks

dirty filters from Indonesia
dirty filters from Indonesia

Figure below shows a comparison between the new filter and that was used

clean vs dirty filter
clean vs dirty filter

The next image shows the inner defilements tinggkat filter (the filter is located inside the mask)

the inside of the filter
the inside of the filter

That is a personal test that I do. I’m not going to make any conclusions from the results they will be because I am not an expert on air quality. I leave assessment to friends as well

-Test is done by not using standard scientific methods you know about the air testing, therefore the results can not be used as a standard for judging that the test subject.
-This test is a personal test, not a formal test.