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Stay Prepared with Facemasks: Unveiling the Higher Risk of Haze in Southern ASEAN

CNA report: Higher risk of haze in southern ASEAN region between June and October 2023

As we approach the months of June to October 2023, the Singapore Weather and climate authorities warn that we are facing an alarming higher risk of smoke haze. This situation is primarily due to the El Nino effect, persistent drier weather, and increased hotspot activities in the area. In this blog post, we will delve into the causes of the haze, draw parallels with the devastating 2013 Southeast Asian haze crisis, and provide practical tips to prepare and protect yourself. So, grab your facemasks and let’s get started!

Understanding the Factors Behind the Haze: 

The El Nino phenomenon plays a significant role in exacerbating the haze situation in the southern ASEAN region. El Nino causes warmer sea surface temperatures, reducing rainfall and drier conditions. The smoke haze becomes a persistent threat to air quality and public health with increased hotspot activities such as land clearing and wildfire.

Recalling the 2013 Southeast Asian Haze Crisis: 

During that period, the haze reached hazardous levels, affecting millions of people and causing severe health issues in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The crisis was a wake-up call for governments, organizations, and individuals to take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of the haze.

Preparing Your Mask and Stocking Up on Filters: 

As the haze looms, preparing yourself with an adequate supply of facemasks is essential. Check your filter stock and ensure you have enough replacements throughout the haze season. Remember that not all masks are effective against fine particulate matter, so invest in high-quality masks. Properly fitting masks with a good seal can significantly reduce exposure to harmful pollutants.

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The higher risk of haze in the southern ASEAN region in the coming months demands our attention and preparedness. As we have learned from past crises, taking proactive measures is crucial. Remember to prepare your facemasks, check your filter stock, and be vigilant about discounts that can help you acquire the necessary protective gear. We can safeguard our well-being and combat the haze effectively by staying informed and taking necessary precautions.

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