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Przemek from Poland

url: http://instagram.com/p/VfPCWwAZQ3/

Always happy to know that Totobobo mask make it possible for a person to continue using bicycle even when the air pollution gets worst. Through words of mouth, Totobobo mask is now selling to over 50 countries. Poland is a relative recent phenomenon.

Przemek Maciolek from Cracow, Poland sent us the following in 2012-12-16:
“Cracow, while beautiful, is one of the most polluted cities in EU (I believe that during the winter the air quality is even worse than London). Few months ago I started using bicycle for commuting and cannot look back for any other option. Cycling is just so right from a number of reasons. (editor:YES!!)

But now, we have winter here, and the pollution levels are many times over the dangerous zone. You can pretty much feel you are breathing toxic fumes… I needed to find a solution – that would allow me to cycle to work, but keeping me safe at the same time.

I was considering many options… but almost every review I have found was pointing to Totobobo. Even if this wasn’t my first choice, I gradually changed my mind and decided to try it. I am very curious of the results. Will be happy to share my opinion as a user in few weeks. Thanks!”

After 10 months of using Totobobo mask, we received another mail from Przemek:

“My first Totobobo was bought year ago and it came with ear loop rather than the headstrap (as I ordered it). I used it quite a few times and thought that it would be nice to replace the ear loop with headstrap accessory for this winter and buy another one for my daughter. ”

Thank you Przemek!

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