Low cost Anti-pollution filter

We are excited to introduce a new low cost anti-pollution filters. It provide sub-micron performance targeted at the most dangerous fine particles from traffic pollution (PM2.5 & PM10). It is also extremely effective against wood dust from power sander or wood turning. The filtration efficiency is between 90%~99%.

The filter cost below one dollar a pair, by far the best value in the market. Combining with the well known advantage of Totobobo mask, we are making top notch protection and comfort with extra affordability. We trust that this new filter will help to extend the market reach. According to user’s feedback, we learnt that the cost of the filter is a crucial factor in deciding the long term affordability of a reusable respirator. After all, the mask is only a one time investment. Cost of the filter is the long term issue.

Now for less than 1 dollar a week, everyone can keep the lung clean while enjoying the benefit of cycling, even in the most polluted cities.

This new anti-pollution filters can be purchase from our BUY page immediately.

low cost air filter

30 pairs of anti-pollution filter in zip lock bag

Cost comparison of Totobobo filter with competition:

I Can Breathe

Filter (USD)

Duration (hours)
30 (estimated)

Cost per hour

3 thoughts on “Low cost Anti-pollution filter

  1. Hi Sezgi,
    The current filters are very effective against fine particles, including PM 2.5. They are less effective for organic vapours and gases. It will cut down the smell from traffic fume but will not shut it off completely.
    We are also developing a new type of filter which WILL reduce organic vapour and gases, and our aim is to make it compatible with the current mask.

  2. I’m thinking about buying the totobobo mask, to protect me inhaling exhaust fumes when commuting on bike in peak hours. I’ve read a comment on the website that totobobo doesn’t filter exhaust fumes and CO. Is that true? What are the pm 2.5 particules then?

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