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Best mask for traveling

Wearing Totobobo mask on plane

Cheerio sent her photo on plane recently and we are really happy to know that she is enjoying using our Totobobo mask. Below is a short interview with her. We thank Cheerio for her time and permission to publish this.

1) How did you get to know about the Totobobo Mask?

Funny enough, I read about Totobobo in Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools book. The book was way before the pandemic, and people were mostly concerned about the air pollution. 

2) What made you decide to try our mask?

Since the pandemic began, I’ve gone through a lot of disposable masks, and I’d like to change that. 

3) Is the initial use of the mask matching your expectations?

Yes! Totobobo was way better than the bulky woodworking masks, It seals so well that my glasses won’t fog. 

4) What do you like most about the mask? 

I can wear it all day on an airplane and in a convention center, and almost forget about it. It doesn’t weigh much and it doesn’t smell after long wear. Plus, people compliment it all the time. 

5) Is there any improvement you’d like to see?

I did not manage to shape the mask correctly. I would prefer to buy them pre-shaped for my family and friends! 

6) How is the delivery time and customer service?

Best customer service ever! 

Mask for air travel
Totobobo mask for air travel

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