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How to say nay to hay fever?

When hay fever season strikes, sufferers feel the brunt of mother nature on their nose, eyes, throat, and lungs. The itchiness, sneezing, watery eyes, post-nasal drip, and runny nose are sometimes too much to bear. Going about daily activities can be difficult and tiring, or downright painful at times. Taking an anti-histamine or other medication can have little or no effect, and the side affects, like sluggishness or drowsiness, can be equally disruptive to carrying out one’s day. Due to these reasons, during the Spring and Summer season, people in Japan look for anti-pollen mask to prevent minor disorders like allergies and seasonal hay fever.

A good filtering mask helps to keep airborne irritants out of the breathing passages and is an effective measure to combat hay fever or other seasonal allergies. Allergens like pollen and dust enter the nasal passage and cause itchiness and swelling in the nose, throat, and eyes and trigger an increase in fluid and mucus production. While in many cases hay fever and seasonal allergies are minor, an estimated fifty million Americans alone suffer from these symptoms. Wearing an appropriate mask minimizes contact with the allergens that cause these physical nuisances. On the other hand choosing the appropriate mask can be a complicated endeavor.

Protective masks can be broadly divided into two types: one time use, disposable respirators and reusable respirators which can be used multiple times. A high quality multi-use protective mask provides the best fit, but often they are bulky and not easy to carry around. They are often more expensive than their disposable counterparts. Disposable respirator masks, on the other hand, are more compact, but sacrifice quality of filtration for convenience. They are easily distorted after one use, so a second is sometimes out of the question. Both types require professional fitting in order to ensure proper fit and filtration—which means you need a “fit-test” every time you wish to wear a protective mask. This severely reduces the convenience of either type of mask if you want guaranteed high-quality protection.

TOTOBOBO mask innovatively solves both the problem of quality and convenience, the best option for combating hay fever and seasonal allergies:

• Design: The mask’s special design and unique material allow the wearer to custom fit the mask to their face; it is held firmly onto the face by a pair of ultra-elastic and flexible straps. They are stronger and longer lasting than rubber. The material is an elastic polymer that is comfortable on the skin. One mask fits all, and can be trimmed with ease to fit any age, shape, or size. When not in use, it folds up to fit comfortably into a pocket. As for weight, it is a meager 20 grams.

• Seal: The TOTOBOBO mask forms a snug seal to the wearer’s face to ensure exclusive airflow through the filter. Unlike other masks, the TOTOBOBO mask combines high airflow with high filtration. The patented “body valve” design allows low resistance exhalation so that you uninhibitedly take in clean air with each breath.

• Simplicity: Whereas other protective masks need to be professionally checked for a proper seal that takes time, the TOTOBOBO mask is quick and easy to check for a safe seal to the face. Both children and adults can use the same mask, one mask fits all!

• Filter: The filters are European designed and of the finest quality, capable of keeping out particulates as small as .3 microns. Using static electricity to snag the particles as they enter the filter, the TOTOBOBO mask keeps out everything from motor vehicle and industrial exhaust, cigarette, woodfire, charcoal and incense smoke; biological components such as pollen and mold spores, dust mites and cockroach allergens; fine fibers such as asbestos; to common soil particles and dust.

• Health: The mask is anti-viral thanks to Biocote®, a silver-ion anti-microbial agent— an important consideration when the heat and humidity of the interior of the mask is taken into account. You can further ensure the cleanliness and safety of the TOTOBOBO mask. The mask is easy to clean with soap and water. Best of all, it is reusable. After each use, just replace the filter. The rest of the mask can be used many more times.

• Cost: As for economy, the TOTOBOBO can not be beat when it comes to bang for your buck. Compared to the leading competitors on the market, the TOTOBOBO is unparalleled when it comes to value.

Of all the respiratory mask available on the market, TOTOBOBO is the only one to combine these three factors: easy fit-check, easy customization, and easy storage.
When it comes to hay fever and seasonal allergies, the TOTOBOBO mask is a crucial addition to the list of non-medicinal treatments to prevent severe reaction to allergens. The high quality filter keeps 94% of particles as small as .3 micron out of your breathing passages and reduces the irritation they cause. Plant pollen and dander, dust and dirt, animal hair and dander, as well as smoke, soot, pollution, exhaust, mold and mildew are all filtered out of the air before you take a breath with the TOTOBOBO mask. Whether you live in the city or in the country, the TOTBOBO mask keeps airborne irritants that could potentially trigger an undesired allergic reaction out of your mouth and nose.

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