What pastel artist and blogger Brenda Boylan thinks about using the Totobobo mask to protect herself?

Passing Point, 24x24

Sometimes the most powerful testimonial comes in very unexpected way.

Pastel artist Brenda Boylan make a point to show that she is wearing Totobobo mask when producing a time lapse video showing how a beautiful pastel painting was created. Here is what she has to say about Totobobo:

You may notice in these small productions that I wear some sort of mask on my face. Protecting my lungs from the airborne pastel dust is serious business. I’ve tried heavy ventilators and they don’t fit my small featured face. I’ve tried 3M, and a few other disposable face masks, but it seemed like they were not protecting me enough. For my own health I searched high and low for a small, comfortable, and highly effective filter and found another pastel artist, Paula Ford using a Totobobo. Artist’s are always at risk by their mediums, especially soft pastel dust! I wanted to bring this up because recently my favorite online blogger friend Loriann underwent lung surgery and so I wanted her to see that she too, can continue working in pastel! I still have to gently wipe up any remaining dust with a damp rag to keep from getting airborne. I’m not sponsored by Totobobo, but I certainly do encourage pastel artists to check them out for their own health.

Still not convinced? read other’s comments on Brenda’s blog “Dusty Fingers

Kimberly Vanlandingham said…

Masks are so important! I got Pneumonia when I was in college and they think it was triggered by dust from glazing particles. I had a really big scare even though we didn’t use any of the “dangerous” glazes in school.

loriann said…
Hi Brenda,

I loved watching you at work and yes I see your totobobo. On another note,do you find that by painting on a toned surface it imbues that color light?I love your work.
Thanks for turning me on to the Totobobo. And thanks for taking the time to discuss, by phone, about the toto. Now I have that and my artist’s air filter. I am beginning to feel safe.
Thanks also for your kind mention.
PS Now my husband uses a totobobo when he is cleaning the cat litter box- 5 cats lots of floating matter.

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