In our day to day lives, everyone is sure to have a hobby to past time. Hobbies let’s oneself indulge in their own interest during their free time, relieving themselves from stress at the same time. A hobby is a healthy thing to include in our lives, but if your hobby does you harm at the same time, then you should out how to protect yourself while enjoying at the same time. Yes, some hobbies may not do harm directly to our bodies, but it will eventually in the long run. Hobbies such as Woodturning and Pastel(Chalk) Painting are one of the examples.

Wood Turning

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How can wood turning do us harm in the long run? You may ask. Woodturning consists of constant grinding and abrasive motions, these repetitive motions on wood will produce many tiny dust particles. These dust particles may not seem to do much harm at first, but over time, they’ll get caught up in our lungs, clinging onto our bronchioles(airsacs) and eventually suffocating us inside.

So you might be thinking, how does the Totobobo Mask help with this issue, why does it stand out from the other Filter Masks on the net? Our masks are able to provide our users with a good seal and this seal can also be easily confirmed with our VSC(Visual Seal Check). A good seal is very important, otherwise the dust particles can enter through the gaps, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing a mask.

Here, we have a post on feedbacks we have received from several woodturners, we hope it helps to clear your doubts! Click here to read more!

Pastel Painting

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Pastel painting, another hobby that can harm you in the long run. How? It’s quite similar to how woodturning can harm our bodies. Pastels are crayons made of powdered pigments, they produce lots of pastel dusts, which is highly hazardous for our bodies. These dusts can contain toxic pigments such as chrome yellow (lead chromate) which can cause lung cancer, and cadmium pigments (which can cause kidney and lung damage and are suspect human carcinogens).

Same as wood turning, Totobobo Masks can help to filtrate out these tiny particles, preventing them from entering our respiratory tract and doing us harm.

We also have a page with feedbacks given by a few pastel artists, they have found our masks useful and comfortable at the same time. Click here to read more!