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Girls’ opinion about Totobobo mask

Olivia (left) is 7 and Kalena (right) is 6. They love how the Totobobo masks look fashionable but mostly love how comfortable it fits. 

Sheeka A.

This is one of the bright moments during the COVID-19 lockdown. I have been communicating with Sheeka over the email about the serious delay of postage service. She purchased the masks on the 21st of February and only got it on the 1st of May! It was a stressful time of waiting for both sides but I felt a big relief when receiving the confirmation of delivery eventually.

Two weeks later, I thought I just send a mail to check if everything is OK. And I got this photo – two adorable girls, Olivia and Kalena, they look so happy behind their Totobobo mask! This really makes my day 🙂

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