Properties of TOTOBOBO mask

How long does the anti-virus agent last?
The TOTOBOBO anti-virus agent lasts for the entire product lifetime.

Is the anti-virus property affected by washing or disinfection?
The anti-virus agent is embedded in the mask body, it will not be washed off or rubbed off from the mask.

What is the weight of the TOTOBOBO mask?
The complete assembly of the TOTOBOBO mask including the filter and the strap is 20g, by far the lightest reusable respirator in the market.

Does the mask interfere with spectacles?
TOTOBOBO mask does not interfere with spectacles (glasses), because it is very thin and light weight which can follow the nose profile closely.

What is the largest (and smallest) face size that TOTOBOBO can fit?
TOTOBOBO mask can fit most adults right out of the package. It can also be trimmed to fit smaller faces such as those of children and Asian female. The face-length (distance from eye-level to chin bottom) it can fit is from 83mm to 128mm.

How many times can you reuse the mask?
You can reuse the mask many times if you use it and keep it with care. In normal usage condition there should not be any issue to reuse the mask for 50 or even over 100 times.

Will the strap lose the elasticity after many times of reuse?
Unlike the cheap strap of disposable mask, the TOTOBOBO super elastic strap is made of a very pure ingredient. It can endure well over 5000 times of stretches without damage.

I am allergic to rubber, is the strap made of rubber?
The strap contains no rubber, or any other irritant substances. It is safe to contact the human body.
Use of the mask (first time use)

How do I put on the mask?
Please check the demo page

Will the mask fit my face?
TOTOBOBO mask is made of very flexible material, together with the ergonomic nose profile design, it can adapt to many adult faces without modification. If it doesn’t fit your face, read on the following answer.

How do I ensure the mask fit my face and forms a good seal?
When a mask touches your skin, there is a seal where air can not go through. A continuous seal is necessary to form a complete loop to enclose the nose and mouth in order to prevent pollutants from leaking into the breathing zone. All face masks require a fit-test to validate proper face seal. However, in many practical situations, such as in an emergency or at home, either fit-test facility is not available, or it is too impractical and time-consuming. TOTOBOBO provides the best alternative called “Clear-Seal check”. Carefully examine the peripheral and underneath the mask; to check if a continuous seal exist surrounding your nose and mouth.
If the seal breaks at some point, it can be improved simply by adjusting the position and the tension of the strap.
If the mask is too big, trim the mask smaller to try again.
There may be a small gap around the nose bridge area. In this case, trimming away the edge that presses deep into your cheek will help to close the gap.

How do I know if the strap (loop) is the correct size?
For optimal comfort (e.g. woodturning), the strap can be adjusted to provide sufficient tention to hold the mask on your face, yet soft enough to allow exhale air to be released between the edge of the mask and the face.?

for optimal safety (e.g. hospital), the strap should be tighten such that the mask maintain a good seal regardless of inhale or exhale.

How can I adjust the strap if it is not too loose or too tight?
You can optimize the mask wearing security and comfortable by adjusting the size of the strap-loop. To adjust the strap, press on the release knob on the adjustable clip. Adjust the starp so that it provide the suitable level of force.

open up the strap clip by pressing on the two little dots to release the catch. Fasten the clip after adjusting the strap.

Reuse of the mask

Do I need to clean or disinfect the mask for reuse?
For protection against non-contagious pollution, such as traffic pollution, dust or fine particles, there is no need to disinfect the mask. TOTOBOBO mask contains Silver ion, an anti-virus agent. This active agent limits the growth and slowly kills the bacteria or viruses chance on its surface. For most non-contagious situations, it is safe to reuse the mask after 24 hours of leaving it in a clean environment. However in situation that the mask may be contaminated with contagious viruses or bacteria, or when working in critical area in hospital (e.g. ICU), you will be required to disinfect the mask before it can be reused.

How can I clean/ disinfect the mask?
The mask can be disinfected by washing it with disinfecting soap, (like washing your hands), rinse it and letting it dry in a clean environment before reuse.

Do I need to clean/ disinfect the strap as well?
It is a good practice to clean /disinfect the strap together with the mask. Although the entire strap is on the outside of the mask during use, there is a part which can get very close to the eyes, if not careful, virus or bacteria may be on the strap may be accidentally transported to the eyes.

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