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Eleanor (London): I love my Totobobo!

I love my Totobobo! The variety of methods to use the straps (ear loops or around the head) is great, it fits well, doesn’t steam up my glasses, is light to wear and is easy to breathe in regardless of physical exertion, and has no exhalation valve, vital for a pandemic! It took a little bit of patience to get it to fit without leaks initially, but I have now become the master of this. It is the most comfortable and effective re-usable mask I have by far. 

left: dirty filters after one day of use in London. Right: The mask from Eleanor


I wear it predominantly when in London, particularly on public transport, the London Underground, London Buses, etc., particularly where you can’t distance yourself from other people. I knew it was filthy on the London underground, I just never appreciated how filthy until I began using the totobobo mask and saw the filters at the end of the day. The chances of me continuing to wear it on the underground post-pandemic are high! 

Issues and solutions

I recently ordered some filters and rubber rings (filter retainer) because I have lost a couple of rubber rings. It’d be useful to have some spares and I needed some more filters anyway. The very fact Totobobo has a storage bag is a huge bonus as keeping a mask clean when out and about would be an issue with other brands. Unfortunately, though, I am often carrying heavy work equipment around sites and meetings in London and so the soft bag doesn’t protect the mask from getting seriously squashed in my rucksack. Despite the abuse, the mask is holding up great, a bit scratched maybe, but otherwise fine.

In response to my minor inconvenience, Totobobo kindly offered extra straps and rubber rings, as well as, a larger cotton pouch that is also easier to wash. I will see if I can get my mask into my pocket now rather than my rucksack. The staff assisting me also sent over a surprise gift – a small-sized mask for me to try. Sadly, the mask was too small for me, but it already has a new home with one of the ladies I was having lunch with recently. She is delighted with it. None of the ladies had considered the concept of pollution in London, or for that matter, protecting yourself from others and others from you in the pandemic. Cloth masks, as are mostly worn here in the pandemic, protect others from the wearer, but I believe, not really the other way around. None had considered that you could do both. As a result, they were all fascinated by the Totobobo mask.

Conclusion, epilogue

All in all a brilliantly designed mask that I plan to keep using. Service has exceeded expectations, and I look forward to doing business with Totobobo again when I need more filters and bits.

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